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Mailing Address:
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Note:  this is a mailing address only – it is not a shelter.
Our foster homes and cats / kittens are located all over GTA


Bonded Pairs

From time to time, ACA comes across kittens & cats that *due to their circumstances* need to be placed in adoptive homes as pairs. Often, their tragic beginnings bond them emotionally. If you are thinking of adopting a cat, please consider adopting a bonded pair.

To adopt call (416) 284-2140 for an interview. 

Clint and Darcy

Imagine what an outdoor cat suffers. Outside in the elements, crawling into window wells and under garbage bins for a little shelter, never able to find enough food, always in danger from predators, including the biggest one, automobiles. Clint was probably born outside, or dumped as one of a litter of unwanted kittens. His grim daily struggle had one silver lining: his ace in the hole, his secret weapon, his sister Darcy.

Together they were able to eke out an existence and because of their devotion to each other they developed into gentle and affectionate cats. It fell to Clint mostly, as the male, to defend what little territory they had from the encroachment of other desperate outdoor cats. He fought because his biology compelled him to, and because to give up even one small piece of their precarious existence could mean death. Clint paid the price - a deep bite from another cat left him FIV positive. Females fight less often, as do neutered males, and thankfully Darcy is negative. Now rescued from a backyard, spayed and neutered and living in a foster home, this brother and sister for the first time have peace.

Against all odds they hold no grudge with humans and are friendly and affectionate with their foster family, both of them sweet-tempered and calm. We learned without surprise they are bonded; to separate them is unthinkable. Clint’s FIV+ status should not be a barrier to adoption. Feline immunodeficiency (FIV) has similarities to HIV in humans; it affects the immune system, compromising the body’s ability to fight off infection and cancer. But like HIV-infected humans, cats with FIV usually live many years with no sign of disease. Indoor cats, protected from parasites, fleas, ticks, scratches and bites, and the myriad of dangers that exist out of doors, are living longer and healthier lives. With proper diet and veterinary care, many FIV+ cats can, in fact, live to their full life expectancy. FIV cannot be transmitted to humans (or pet dogs, for that matter). It can be transmitted to another cat in the home only by deep bites, not by licking, grooming or shared water bowls.

Cats that are not aggressive with each other are very unlikely to pass the virus. A minority of FIV+ cats become chronically ill (unlike humans with HIV, the majority of whom - if untreated - will progress to AIDS). Superimposed infections can still be treated, as in any infection, but an overwhelmed immune system can eventually succumb to the onslaught. The alert owner of a FIV+ cat monitors its appearance and behaviour for signs of illness, and works cooperatively and proactively with the vet to optimize its health. Clint and Darcy are finally safe. They are looking for a forever home together, where they can sunbathe in the window grateful they are off the streets and out of danger. They know they are rescued, and they give back abundantly in cuddles and affection. This lovely bonded pair are waiting for you to take them home.


Liza and Stella

Have you ever stopped to reflect that the vast majority of cats that share our homes and our lives are born as a result of natural selection? Un-neutered cats that roam free “choose” their own mates, and the shelters swell with adorable but unwanted kittens year after year. But the intrinsic cat-ness has changed little over the millennia. Dogs, on the other hand, have been bred by humans for over 10,000 years, selecting for the traits that we most love: affection, loyalty, and obedience. The breeding of cats, the “selection” of breeding pairs only began in earnest 200 years ago. Bengal cats were bred for their wild markings; we humans find it attractive to have a pet that looks like a wild animal, but isn’t. Because of their rarity, it is very costly to purchase Bengal kittens from a breeder, which makes them also a bit of a status symbol. But despite their exotic look, they’re basically just cats.

Imagine, then, these two stunningly beautiful Bengal sisters being dumped. Not once, or even twice. Four times, despite lovely affectionate personalities and no obnoxious habits. Why? Because humans are complicated and our lives are messy. Our pets often become victims of our bad life decisions, or they share the unfortunate turns that can happen to any of us. Liza and Stella did not deserve the upheaval they’ve had to endure in the past few years. The family they loved, who bought them for the price of a luxury European vacation, who hand-raised them from kitten hood decided to get a dog. And the rest is history. Unwilling to share, unable to adjust, the girls landed on Kijiji. Re-homed, they were luckily safe and wanted again, but their second family shortly welcomed a new baby and the Bengal girls were back on Kijiji. Once more adopted (actually, purchased) they should have been able to put it all behind them. But the newest owner lost her job, and passed the girls on to a relative. The relative tragically left them on the doorstep of the shelter.

How far they came! And now, once more, Liza and Stella are looking for a home. We want this to be their last one. Maybe this time, adoption rather than purchase will be the magic they need, because it will find for them someone who just loves cats, who wants to repair the damage done to their innocent lives, who will enjoy exploring their unique personalities rather than their exotic look. Like other Oriental cats, these girls are active, and vocal, affectionate and loving, smart and curious. They require a lot of interaction with their humans with play and exercise a big part of their day. Like all cats, they need a quality diet and regular vet care. But mostly they need love and security, unconditionally and for the rest of their lives.

Applicants for Liza and Stella MUST have Bengal or Siamese experience, in a home without small kids or dogs. Suitable applicants must have a well documented history of pet ownership and supply vet references. Because of high demand for this pair we regret we can only respond to such applications.




In order to speed up the adoption process, please complete an online application as well as calling the phone line 416 284 2140
Leave a detailed voice message with the name of the cat you are interested in adopting, along with details of your current pet owning situation and previous history.

Please leave a daytime and evening phone number along with your email address and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

Need help finding the perfect fit for your family?

All of the cats under Abbey Cats care are in foster homes, where they receive one on one attention in a home environment.

Our adoption counsellors are familiar with each cat's unique needs and personalities
- please give us a call and we will be happy to help you find your match!

** Please note, due to the nature of our organization we are constantly rescuing new animals.
If there is a specific breed / age / gender that you are looking for, we encourage you to keep checking back.

Once a cat is ready for adoption, they will be posted on the website - we do not have waiting lists. **