Juliette is young female Bengal cat, found as a stray in the GTA

When she was rescued, she was carrying a litter of six kittens; all of which were later born in her first temporary home, strong and healthy, and who have all found forever homes of their own.
After some recovery time, and a subsequent spaying procedure, she was transported to her final foster home; a 600sqft one-bedroom condo in Toronto.

Juliette is one of the most “low maintenance” cats you will ever come across.
She is independent, self-sufficient, grounded and calm; able to entertain herself when you’re busy.
Yet, she can be tremendously loving, energetic and playful, and will certainly seek your attention if she’s in the mood for some interaction and socialization.

Juliette is not overly affectionate.
In other words, she is not the type of cat that will glue herself to you 24/7 and lay down on your lap anytime she has the chance.

She is an incredibly intelligent cat and is quiet for the most part, but will meow loudly and proudly when she needs or wants anything.
On a given day, Juliette will start her morning with breakfast and proceed to chase various toys around the house to express her excitement for the new day.
She loves chasing a laser pointer often sprinting after it swiftly from one end of the house to the other.
She also enjoys playing hide and seek or pawing at feathery wands and fuzzy balls.

After she’s expended her energy, Juliette will find the highest point in the house to nestle in and nap.
After her nap, she will come out for another round of play, groom herself and then wind down throughout the evening by laying nearby and asking for pets from time to time.
She likes dark and cozy spots like closets, shelves and blankets fashioned into tents.
She is not messy or overbearing, rarely making it onto the kitchen countertop and almost never clawing at furniture or pushing household items around.

Juliette needs her personal space and likes to be petted gently.
She loves chin scratches and gentle strokes along her back. If you pull out the grooming brush she may just start purring!
On the other hand, she does not like to be carried or have her belly rubbed.

Juliette is a beautiful cat; sleek, smooth, with pronounced green eyes and leopard-like spots on her body.
Her feeding habit is ordinary and her appetite average.
Two servings of wet food a day and a bowl of kibble set aside for snacking will suffice. She also enjoys treats from time to time.

Juliette needs a spacious and quiet home-as she is not a fan of loud noises from things like blenders, vacuum cleaners and coffee grinders-and will often hide until what’s causing the noise ceases and things quiet down.
Despite being wary of loud noises, Juliette is welcoming of strangers, even talkative ones, and is always ready to make new friends (as long as it’s not another cat).

Considering that she likes high areas and dark spaces, she will fall in love with a cat tree/condo.
Having a scratch-post available for her is also a must.

Juliette has to be an only cat but will not do well if left alone without company for an extended period of time.
Her parent(s) would ideally have flexible schedules and an ability to work from home more often than not and she needs a human experienced with the temperaments of the Bengal breed.

Juliette needs a quiet, somewhat spacious home with plenty of hiding spots of various elevations.

Juliette should do well in a home with respectful children, however she MUST be the only cat in the home.
She may be ok with a dog depending on the breed and temperament of  the canine.

She does not seem particularly curious about the outdoors, but her new family will need to be mindful that she is persistent when she sets her mind on something.


Additional Info

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Young Adult
  • DOB: Jan 01, 2023
  • Colour: Leopard Print
  • Breed: Bengal Cross
  • Special Notes: none
  • Spay/Neuter: Yes
  • Special Needs: No
  • Microchipped: No
  • Vaccinated: No
  • Good with Kids: Ok with older children / teens
  • Good with Dogs: Probably OK with respectful dogs
  • Good with Cats: MUST be an only cat
  • Adoption Date: Feb 9, 2024
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