Woodrow & Buzz

Woodrow is a 5 month old , tabby, short haired domestic cat with black and grey fur.

He was transported to his current foster home from an area shelter.

He is independent and self-sufficient but not antisocial and unfriendly.
From time to time, he really enjoys the attention, chirping and flopping to the ground to show that he wants to be pet and loved.
He is playful and enjoys chasing his sibling Buzz around, hiding behind objects and waiting for the perfect moment to pounce.

He loves his toys, especially feathery wands and laser pointers, which he chases with tiger-like intent, jumping and leaping into the air for he catch.
With his wide boxy head, large round eyes and conspicuously sharp fur pattern Woodrow is beautiful in appearance.

He really enjoys nestling himself between your limbs and tucking himself close to your body, purring loudly when content and happy.
Woodrow must have a “rag-doll” ancestor somewhere down the line, because he enjoys being held like a baby, immediately going limp when picked up off the ground. Woodrow loves belly rubs as if he’s a dog and not a cat. He also likes being brushed.

If you are busy with work and home tasks, he sometimes climbs onto your lap and insists that you take a break.
He also loves watching TV, especially if you throw on a video of birds and rodents scurrying and flying about on the screen.

Although a bit wary of new people, he quickly gets used to their presence and opens himself up to novel interactions.
Loud noises from vacuum cleaners, blenders and coffee grinders do bother him slightly.
You can see his attention fixate on the source of the noise. But he isn’t scared and doesn’t hide in fear.

Woodrow's eating habits are ordinary, neither gorging nor starving himself when food is available.
He is not a picky eater and really enjoys treats of all kinds.

Woodrow and Buzz have developed a close bond and should ideally be adopted together.
The two kittens like kneading their resting cushion and suckling on its fabric as if it’s their mom.

Woodrow needs a quiet, organized and somewhat spacious home.
It should be cat proofed (make plants inaccessible and provide a scratching post to prevent furniture damage).
He is wary of young children (babies) at first but gets used to them with time.

Woodrow should be adopted with his best friend Buzz.

Please bear in mind that it is against Abbey Cat policy to adopt a single kitten under the age of 6 months to a home without a kitten of similar age for company.


 Woodrow and Buzz


Additional Info

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Kitten
  • DOB: Jul 24, 2023
  • Colour: Brown/Black Tabby
  • Breed: Domestic S Hair
  • Special Notes: Needs to be adopted with Buzz
  • Spay/Neuter: Yes
  • Special Needs: No
  • Microchipped: No
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • Good with Kids: Probably
  • Good with Dogs: Unlikely
  • Good with Cats: With the right respectful cat
  • Adoption Date: Jan 4, 2024
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