Lily & Peony

After a few months with their new foster human Lily and Peony have made themselves at home.
The girls now feel safe enough and allow their human to pick them up.
They look forward to mealtimes of canned food and have consequently filled out to a healthy weight.
They have become used to the noises that come with big-city living, like cars and sirens.
Incorrigibly curious, they have to know what their human is up to at all times.
They stay by her side throughout the day as she works.  
They love to investigate every corner of the apartment, including opening the drawers and going under the bed or on top of the cupboards.
The girls are good company and are a lot of fun.

When Peony arrived at her new foster home, she loved to play with her human, but sometimes was careless with her claws and teeth.
She has now learned to play more gently with her human.
Peony loves spending time with Lily and following her foster human about.
Peony treats Lily like a precious little sister, grooming her and curling up beside her.

She has resolved her feud with the vacuum cleaner, no longer swatting it, but keeps a watchful eye on it.  
On the other hand, she can't get enough of the laptop, rolling around on it and wrapping herself around it.

Lily is more reserved and independent than Peony.
While she loves curling up with her human and Peony, Lily also loves her alone time and space.
She loves her wet food and is always the first one on the bed in the morning to let her human know it's breakfast time.

They would flourish in a home where a human is at home most of the time.
They thrive with human attention, either playing (the cat dancer is a big hit)  or relaxing with them.

Lily & Peony love to run and chase each other and need the space to do that.

Although Lily gets along well with Peony, it's uncertain how she will be with an unknown cat.

Lily and Peony are best buddies and need to be adopted together.

Lily and Peony

Additional Info

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult
  • DOB: Aug 24, 2021
  • Colour: Snowshoe
  • Breed: Snowshoe Siamese Cross
  • Special Notes: Would like to be adopted with Peony
  • Spay/Neuter: Yes
  • Special Needs: No
  • Microchipped: No
  • Vaccinated: No
  • Good with Kids: Ok with older children / teens
  • Good with Dogs: Unknown
  • Good with Cats: Unknown
  • Adoption Date: February 10, 2023
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