Lulu has gone through a lot of change during the past year of her life, which has caused her to be very nervous. When she first arrived at her current foster home, she hid for the first week. Since then she has made a lot of progress and now snuggles with her foster mum and the other cat in the home. Although she has made great strides and loves to have her chin scratched, she still needs a lot of patience and is still very nervous about wandering during the daytime.

Lulu has recently discovered that she loves toys. She prefers to play cautiously with a wand toy from under the couch with her foster mom during the day, but if her mom is in bed she becomes much more adventurous and will play with toys all over the home.

Lulu gets along well with the other cat in the home, and will often rub up against her and likes to be groomed by her. As long as she is given a safe, quiet space to adjust and is introduced to the new cat slowly, we think she could do well with another (friendly) cat.

The key to winning Lulu over and getting her affection is food. She loves food! She knows the sound of a can opener and as soon as she hears it she begins to meow and follows her foster mum and rubs against her legs begging her to hurry up.

Lulu needs a quiet, calm home, with a room where she can adjust and feel safe. Too much open space is challenging for Lulu, especially in the beginning.

Lulu is a sweetheart who is just waiting for the perfect human(s) to have the patience to let her come out of her shell at her own pace and be the cuddly, playful cat she is destined to be. Lulu does better the more time someone is at home with her. They will see her confidence improve a lot more quickly. The wait will be well worth it.

Lulu MUST have another cat for company... she would be very lonely on her own.


Additional Info

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult
  • DOB: 2016
  • Colour: Black
  • Breed: Domestic S Hair
  • Special Needs: No
  • Special Notes: 1
  • Spay/Neuter: Yes
  • Good with Kids: Unknown
  • Good with Dogs: Unknown
  • Good with Cats: Yes
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