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Abbey Cat Adoptions is a registered Canadian charity #88190 0401 RR0001


Shimmer needs a home

Shimmer is "snuggle and cuddle" kitty who is longing to be someone's baby. She wants to be picked up and cuddled (if she's up in your arms, she knows she can kiss your face), but if you don't have time for that, she'll just walk as close as she can get to you and purr. When you stop walking, she'll lie down on your feet. But before you get to see that lovely affectionate personality, Shimmer has to get to know you. When she meets people for the first time, she gets anxious and growls. She purrs apologetically too, but she's just too scared to let new people handle her. She will lash out if she starts feeling too threatened. She needs plenty of time hanging out quietly with a new person before she starts warming up. She needs to be adopted by someone who has the patience to let her blossom into the affectionate and loving little kitty she is. (A few treats here and there help a lot with the process!)

Shimmer gets quite aggressive with other cats and must go as an only cat. While she gets along wonderfully with adults and teens who can handle her gently and predictably, she probably would not be a good choice for household with young children.

Perkins & Clarence

Perkins is still waiting to get adopted... He loves to chase paper balls He wants his tummy rubbed and rolls over and when it happens. He's a happy guy and when you pet him, he moves his paws like he is swimming. Perkins has a shy lil buddy named Clarence who has also been waiting for love. We're offering a 2 for 1 special to the next kind person who will take them BOTH home forever! However they do not have to go together but do need the company of other kitties so it would be nice. They cannot stay at their current foster home for much longer. Please fill out an adoption application or call 416 284 2140.


Mari still needs a real home!

Mari really needs a home to call her own. She is really loving and gets attached to the people who care for her. Can someone please give her a home forever?? ****My name is Mari. I am a special needs kitty as I am on a special diet but it doesn't cost a lot and besides that I am healthy. I do get along with other cats and dogs but am a bit of a loner and some cats pick on me. Sometimes I follow my foster mother around and talk to her, cuddle and give loving headbutts. I just adore people actually and wish someone would want to keep me forever. I have been in foster care for a couple years now and was even adopted out once but returned because it takes me a little bit of time to adjust to new surroundings so I hide a lot at first. Now it's time for me to move to another foster placement and again I will lose the people I have grown attached to. Can I just adopt you instead and love you forever?