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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 20026
1077 North Service Road #39
Mississauga, ON L4Y 1A6

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to return calls for people asking for just one kitten if you do not already have a kitten of similar age at home for you.

Foster home desperately needed for Jura who is pregnant and due soon. Can anyone help please??

You can fill out a foster application or call 416 284 2140, thank you!!!


We have a list of kitties to get in from the cold and these ones are up north. The need is now critical as there has been a considerable snow fall. Temperatures are dropping, food will be scarce for predators and there will soon be snowmobiles. We need your help to get these kitties to safety! We need donations for food and vet bills, we need volunteer drivers and volunteer foster homes. Please contact us if you can help & thank you for your support. 416 284 2140


We Need To Raise $2000 For Bea's Vet Care, Please Read Her Story Below.

I'M BEA AND I NEED YOUR HELP!! I'm only 5 months old, and boy, sometimes being a kitten can be tough! I was so grateful to be taken in from out of the cold, and to have an opportunity to meet my new foster family. The first few days were bliss, and I loved climbing up and down the many levels of stairs. I chased my siblings up, down and all around and played with anything I could get my paws on! On Sunday, I was hard at play when all of a sudden, my hind legs stopped working! I laid on my side and cried in pain but still purred when my foster parents gave me some pets. The pain was so bad that I couldn't eat or drink. I was rushed to the hospital but even there, the doctors scratched their heads as to what caused this terrible illness. The staff at the clinic was happy to have me and enjoyed my company, especially since I never stop purring. I had to stay overnight for several days and, with the help of medication, am happy to be able to walk again, albeit for short distances and with a limp. The doctor says it's going to be a long road ahead for my recovery. I will need more tests and will have to see specialists if I'm going to have a chance at a normal kitty life. If I could pay for those tests with purrs and sweetness there would be no worries because I've got an endless supply of those! Unfortunately, I can't and won't be able to get the help I need without your generous donation. Please consider my plea and help me in my time of need! If you would like to help me out with $$$ donation $$$ towards my care please mark it "For Bea" and remember, no amount is too small to make a big difference! I thank you in advance for your generosity and support!!


When Cagney met Stella: They are absolute peas and beans now. We have never seen Stella so playful and Cagney just loves her. They always sleep together, clean each other and so so so playful. (Cagney is absolutely hilarious while Stella is a little more reserved with being funny) Cagney is still a bit nervous being picked up but he loves to stay close & cuddle, Stella can just stay on your shoulder all day. She is very affectionate. Cagney is an active kitten and really needs another kitten to wrestle and tumble with. That's why Stella is perfect for him! These two need to be adopted together. Please fill out an adoption application to meet Stella & Cagney today or call 416 284 2140.


We desperately need foster homes for orphaned kittens and abandoned moms and kittens outside. Donations needed for kitten formula. Please help! We can't do this without you. Fostering saves lives. Thank you for your support. 416 284 2140


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