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Mailing Address:
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1077 North Service Road #39
Mississauga, ON L4Y 1A6

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to return calls for people asking for just one kitten if you do not already have a kitten of similar age at home for you.


Due to unforeseen circumstances these little girls are losing their present foster placement. If you would like to provide them with a new place to live (either foster, or ideally purrmanent) please call 416 284 2140 or fill out an application today!!


Vivi is in our "special cats" category for two reasons. The first one is obvious: Vivi has the cutest ears ever! Her Scottish Fold ears come with some other Scottish Fold characteristics: She is an affectionate girl, a relaxed kind of chick. She wants to spend lots of time with her foster parent, supervising him while he works or monitors his TV time carefully. He says he has quite a bit of trouble getting good photos because, in her opinion, all the pictures ought to be taken from a distance of 2 inches from the camera. Vivi is in our care because her owner went back to school and felt that she would not be able to give her lovely cat the care she deserves. She arrived with a (very common) urinary tract infection and, at her vet visit, we learned she has (also very common) kidney disease. Taking care of her is not particularly difficult. She needs high quality food (like all cats) and she needs lots of fluids (like all cats). Beyond that, she needs to eat smaller, more frequent meals. She might need an antacid to help with some stomach upset. Our Facebook supporters want you to know that KD cats live well and live into old age. Vivi is our top priority placement. We are looking for either a permanent placement or a long term foster home, because we want Vivi to have the right care for her KD as soon as possible. Unfortunately, all our foster homes are fully booked, and her current FP is a busy graduate student. As much as he wants to help Vivi, he simply cannot keep up with the feeding schedule because of his long hours at the university. If you feel you would like to offer this special girl a place in your life, please call 416 284 2140 or complete an online foster application or adoption application. She will reward you with love, loyalty and devotion.


Rescued from the cold. Althea & Perla were found in a church parking lot looking for food. Sisters around 4.5 months old.Timid right now but very sweet. In an emergency foster home and need a foster placement in town. Please call 416 284 2140 if you can help.

Maverick and Madison - must stay together - adopt both and pay adoption fee for one.


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