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Shay and Quinn's Seven Month Check In


Good day:

Cannot believe that Shay (Jeffrey Ann) and Quinn (Marvin) will be seven months old tomorrow!
The time has just flown by.
They have settled in very nicely and love looking out the screens at the world.
Quinn has taken to jumping up on the counter to tap my arm when he needs a couple of head kisses while I am washing the dishes. Shay is a love sponge who wakes up at 4 in the morning to flop on my chest for half an hour of belly rubs.
Their older "sister" still hisses loudly and whacks them but they are getting closer and she has sniffed them a couple of times so baby steps.
Shay and Quinn are still super sweet together. Best friends who love to snuggle in their cat tree basket (even though it is a much tighter squeeze these days) and race around playing.
Shay is very chatty and trills versus meowing while Quinn either silent meows (when snuggling on me) or has a high pitched and demanding meow when he wants attention once in a while.
I have attached a couple of photos.

All the best,


An Update On The Greys  

We've just had some pictures and an update on these gorgeous grey siblings (Earl Grey and Isolde).
"They are settling in pretty well.. full of energy….running around the house causing trouble lol... very affectionate.
They still aren’t eating as much as we would like but are monitoring that with the vet"


Remember Hobbs?

He's now known as Moe, and we've just received this update from his mom.

"A little update on Hobbs (now Moe) after 3 months.
Definitely settled in and enjoying the snuggles.
Still learning the art of personal space, but his big brothers are trying to teach him everything they know!"





Chessie (Duchess) and Sophie (Anemone) Check In

I just wanted to let you know how the 2 cats are doing.
Both cats are doing really well.
Duchess is now Chessie and Anemone is Sophie.
They both spend a fair bit of time with us and ask repeatedly for tummy rubs.
Both of them will come up into our laps occasionally.
They are still frightened of other people but I think that will take a long time to change.
They seem quite happy and play together a lot at night.
Because of dental problems the veterinarian has changed their diet and while Chessie eats very well, she has lost a fair bit of weight and is no longer grossly overweight. She is far more active now.
Sophie has put on a little weight and no longer looks so gaunt. She has always been very active.

We are extremely happy with them and very grateful to have been able to have gotten them through you. 

Many thanks and all the best,


 Shay (formerly Jeffrey Ann) and Quinn (formerly Marvin)


Good day:
Can you believe that the kittens are six months old today? 
They are huge! Quinn is the same height as their older "sister", Jaimie, but very lean and muscular. 
Shay's tail is super fluffy and she is incredibly acrobatic, leaping to the top of the fireplace and the china cabinet. 
They are loving the cat tree that I bought them, as well as hanging out in front of the screen door, checking out the birds and squirrels. 
Jaimie still growls, hisses and whacks them but with less malice and sometimes forgets to do it all together. She has made great strides though. 
But they have negotiated a peace of sorts; for example, Shay sleeps next to my head, Quinn between my legs, and Jaimie against my foot. 
They are a joy and I am so happy to have them here.

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Dali (formerly Pillar) and Nova (formerly Estrada)' s mom has sent us another update:


They are doing really well and have become big time cuddle monsters.
They often fall asleep on or beside me and their confidence is growing everyday.
They love playing with my iPad when I turn on the cat apps for them and love sitting on top of their cat condo. 

Bear (formerly Tweed) and Skye (formerly Velvet)


Thought I would send you a quick update on our wonderful kittens that we adopted from Abbey Cats.
Bear and Skye (formerly Tweed and Velvet) are absolutely wonderful - they are the perfect fit for our family. 
They were spayed a couple of weeks ago and everything went very well.  They are both zooming around the house again as if nothing happened.
My teenage daughters love to cuddle the kittens and have them sleep in their rooms.
I wanted to thank you for your part in helping Bear and Skye find their forever home with us!

Skye is in front, Bear behind  :)


Shay (formerly Jeffrey Ann) and Quinn (formerly Marvin)


Good day, Jan, Jill and Nicole:

Shay and Quinn are still growing like weeds and have both now had their surgeries (Shay last week as she went into heat early and Quinn today). They are a joy and both are super affectionate! I am positive this is because of the care their foster mom gave them. The vet said that she has never seen two more confident or sociable kittens. Shay loves to sleep at my head or curled up intertwined with Quinn. She is very chatty and doesn't like to be alone. Quinn is full of beans and is determined to get his older "sister", Jaimie, to play with him. Jaimie is still hissing, growling and spitting at them but with less and less gusto. They can also get closer to her. I would like to thank you all again for such a fabulous experience with Abbey Cats and I have recommended your organization many times now. Attached please find some photos - a couple of Shay and Quinn napping, and a couple where Quinn is trying to convince Jaimie to love him (or at least share her dinner).

All the best.

Dali (formerly Pillar) and Nova (formerly Estrada)

Just one short day after going off to their new home, Dali (renamed because of his moustache) and Nova's Mom has sent us these pictures to let us know that they are setting in beautifully.

Franny (formerly Nickel)

We've just had another lovely note and picture from Franny's adoptive Dad.
Here's the latest on his sweet girl:

"Greetings all...it is hard for me to believe that in 2 days I will have had Franny for 7-months.
She is an absolute delight and I adore her.
She's playful, affectionate, funny, and she must like me because she follows me around the house and settles in wherever I am.
She sleeps on my bed now, every night, which is lovely.

Just wanted to share the below picture, taken tonight.
Thank you again for bringing sweet little Franny into my life."



Elena now Luna

I just thought I'd update you guys on Luna's (formerly Elena) progress.
She's warmed up to the whole family and loves belly rubs and sleeping on feet
She seems to have adjusted well and is doing good.
She also sits funny sometimes lol

Merriweather now Gemma

Hi Jan and Eyub!

Gemma has settled in so nicely. She isn't skitterish or afraid of things and her and my dog Jax get along great.
She is absolutely in love with Jax and follows him around everywhere meowing up a storm. She loves to lick his chest and nuzzle him endlessly.
They both sleep with me and my husband in our king bed every night.

I can't begin to tell you how much having Gemma has helped soften the sadness of losing our beloved pup of 16 years.
She's a big personality in a little body and that's just what our dog Maddie was so it's like having a little piece of her here with us still.

Thanks once again to your both for your help in bringing Gemma into our lives!

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Coriander and Boro now Cory and Simba


Just a quick update to let you know how well Cory and Simba are doing.
They are just the sweetest cats and we love them so much!
They are very social, both with us and each other.  
Simba is more than 1 kg bigger than Cory but he's very gentle with her when they play.
Size notwithstanding, Cory is definitely the adventurous one. She comes running when ever she hears water running anywhere in the house.
Simba has a very loud purr and usually starts up the minute we approach, even before we pet him. He loves Charlotte so much that he often follows her from room to room.
Darcy is teaching them their names using liberal treats as reinforcements.
We just wanted to thank you again.  This is such a wonderful service you provide.
We hate to think of either of them having been out on the street.


Jeffrey Ann & Marvin now Shay and Quinn



Kalysta and Jayla


About ten months ago I adopted Kalysta - a beautiful, long haired, silver rescue cat.  I was a bit hesitant to go rescue as I've had lots of experience feeding feral cats and know building trust can be an issue.  
Kalysta however is awesome. She is a purr machine, inquisitive,  playful and a drop dead beauty queen.  She of course, knows this!

Three months after Kalysta came on the scene, I adopted Jayla - another rescue. 
She had had a rocky start - living outside for more than a year in downtown Toronto. 
Abbey Cats rescued her and her kittens.  It took a little time for Jayla to come into her own because she is a tiny girl who had to be hypervigilant to survive. 
She is now totally loving and devoted to her adopted sister and to yours truly.  Again, another awesome cat who brightens up my world with her funny antics.

Kalysta and Jayla are good buddies.  I've always believed it's easier to have two animals because they keep each other company.  This has certainly proven to be true once again.

There is much gratitude going around at my house these days.  Kalysta and Jayla are grateful to have a forever home and I'm super grateful to have them in my life!


Prada now Kuro

It's coming up to a year since we got our cat Kuro (formerly Prada), so Fumi and I wanted to share some photos. Here she is checking out our rice harvest. We really love her and look forward to spending time with her in the evenings. She doesn't like to be picked up or held, but she loves to snuggle up and be petted or brushed and she's a good sport about having her nails trimmed. She almost always leaves us alone while we're sleeping and we'll often find her curled up at my feet or lounging beside us in the morning. Right now she is hanging out on the filing cabinet beside my desk, her new favourite spot. She's an office cat; loves the printer, but hates the vacuum cleaner. I even trained her to sit and be polite before she gets her food. You were right, she is a very nice cat.


I thought you would like to know that Cree is doing very well here with us. She is such a sweetheart. She is happy, eating, playing, and telling Lucky (our other kitten) to bugger off! He loves her and is always jumping on her to play. It's hard to see Lucky behind Cree but she just went inside to cuddle with him :)


Just to update you on our little boy. He is doing great. Since Tuesday he has been coming out of the room (on his own initiative :)) and since Thursday he has been freely roaming around the house. He has been getting along very well with Beni and fine with Minnie. She has hissed few times at him but mostly when he has been getting into her food. He has also been great with the kids. Since yesterday it has felt as he has always been part of our family. He has fully adjusted and a lot quicker than what I had anticipated.

Nickel now Franny

Franny has completely made herself at home, and her and Hazel are now getting along well. They often sit a few feet apart, or play 'hide and seek' around a corner or on the other side of a door. They also call each other from different parts of the house...and Franny even comes up and nose-kisses Hazel now and then. Franny has a voracious appetite, eats everything I give her. She's very sweet, and becomes more affectionate by the day...when she lies down on the floor, she lets me pat her and massage her and she purrs. I'm waiting for the night she finally 'gets' that she can sleep on the bed with me and Hazel.

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Kyrie and Lanaya wanted to say Hi! They have adjusted well in their new home.:)



Hi All Nyles is growing fast. He is such a wonderful boy - affectionate, playful, curious and a great friend for Willow. Regards, Gary & Iris


Concordia Jane & Belle

Hi Heather, I wanted to thank you and Abbey Cats for helping me in the adoption process and finding me the best two babies. Both Belle and Rosie (Concordia Jane) are adjusting well to their new home. They have brought so much joy to the family. Please note: there are two more sisters just as cute and adorable waiting to be adopted. Don't miss your chance. Fill out an adoption application or call now! 416-284-2140


Gawain & Gareth now Thor & Loki


I just want to thank you how happy we are with the kittens. They already sleep with us every nite. My little girl is so happy. However we had changed their names. They are running around at 12:30 am having fun. They truly are bff/brothers. Loki eats more soft food and Thor can't seem to get the knat of eating the soft food but still loves the hard food. We love them. Thor loves kyla more and loki loves me more. Lol. They both love her dad.

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Stanley now Bibby

Dear Abbey Cats: I am napping on the computer desk. Its sunny today. My name is now Bibby and I have been at my new furrever home for a week now. Lots of food, toys and cuddles. I even kissed Nancy today. Everybody wants to meet me. The only thing I can't do is drink from the toilet. I have landed in blissful catnip!


Dido now Emma

 Emma formally Dido enjoying her new home.



I just wanted to be in touch to let you know how much we love our snuggly Cordelia - she is a little princess with a big personality She has really warmed up to us over the last month and a half and we couldn't be happier to have her around. It is actually quite hard to imagine life without her. She loves to watch movies with us, play with her feather wands and crinkle balls, and build a cozy nest to sleep in out of sweaters and blankets. Thank you to you and Abbey Cats for being such a friendly organization and making the adoption process so easy. I've attached a picture of Cordelia sleeping on her chair by the Christmas tree, and a few others. Holly and Ryan


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