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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 20026
1077 North Service Road #39
Mississauga, ON L4Y 1A6

Note:  this is a mailing address only – it is not a shelter.
Our foster homes and cats / kittens are located all over GTA

Saving one cat will not change the world,
but surely for that one cat, the world will change forever. - Karen Davidson


Due to an unprecedented demand (especially for kittens) we regret that we are unable to respond by phone to all of the applications we are currently receiving.

We are only able at this time to phone those applicants who have sent in an online adoption application where their criteria matches what the particular cat or kittens' needs are, and who can provide a vet reference.

We regret any inconvenience caused as we do our best to meet the overwhelming demand we are currently experiencing.

Please Note: we answer adoption requests giving priority to online applications rather than voice mail ones.
If we are unable to answer your phone calls it means that we are busy dealing with online applications.
We are unable to answer all calls because of time restraints.

Unfortunately, due to a high demand, we are unable to respond to requests on our phone line to surrender cats at this time.
Our foster homes are full, so if you wish to surrender your cat please submit an online application.


****At this time we are looking for fosters who have experience looking after PREGNANT cats and NURSING moms!!****

Over the next few weeks / months, there will be many pregnant cats and orphaned kittens needing our help, and we cannot do it without your assistance.

If you are have experience looking after PREGNANT cats and NURSING moms and are able to foster, please fill out an application

If you are unable to foster at this time but would still like to help us with these little families, please consider making a donation...  no amount is too small to make a big difference.

Do you like (love) cats and kittens?
Do you have good people and writing skills?
If you answered yes to the above questions, you might want to consider being a part of our foster support team!

You must be able to talk to our foster parents in order to get to get a sense of what their cats / kittens are about, and be able to convey that in writing.
We need to know about their personalities, what kind of home they would do best in and any funny quirks the kitties might have so we can profile them in the best adoptable light on our web pages.

Good spelling and grammar skills are not only an asset, they are a must!!

If this sounds like something you'd like to take on, please fill out an application.


Thank you to all who so generously donated to Abbey Cat Adoptions on Giving Tuesday.
It is only with your support that we are able to do what we do to help the cats and kittens who come in to our care.
Be it volunteering, fostering or monetary, the giving of your time and resources is greatly appreciated.

GivingTuesday is the world’s largest generosity movement, and you showed us your "good".


Meet Milo

"When his owners were no longer able to care for him, ‘Milo’ was surrendered to a local shelter.
At this time, as he settles, he is pretty independent and only occasionally interacts with visitors.
He does enjoy a bit of petting though and he's quite the talker, with lots of stories to share.
We're hoping in time he will be more engaging...but best case scenario...he'll be adopted soon!

Though beautiful cats, the Bengal breed is very special and it takes the right type of home and owner to cohabitate with them and have both the human(s) and cat be truly content. Bengals are highly active and very intelligent; this can make them fun to live with, but sometimes this can be challenging.
Think of them like athletes – they NEED to be kept busy and stimulated.
Bored Bengals can adopt some unconventional (and slightly destructive) habits if they’re not kept stimulated.

Overall, the Bengal is a confident, talkative, friendly cat who is always alert.
They can be quite affectionate with their human families and as long as you can fulfill the Bengals need for exercise, you’ll have a smart, fun-loving cat who can keep you on your toes!
Keep in mind though, if you live a busy lifestyle and you don’t have the patience for a possible trouble-maker, then this is not the breed for you.

To ensure the best suited home is found for 'Milo', we will be collecting applications for him.
Please note, we are looking for a home with no other pets and an adult only home would best suit him, however he would be ok with older children."

If Milo seems like the perfect fit for family, please fill out an adoption application for more information. 


Through no fault of her own, Yuna is in need of a new home.
She's a young lady (about a year and a half old) who is looking for a new place to live due to unstable conditions in her current home.

She will need to be the only feline in residence and placed where there are no young children or dogs.

If you can accommodate Yuna while we assess her exact needs and the ideal living situation for her permanent family... please fill out a foster parent application


This young mom and her kittens are currently in an overcrowded shelter where their chances at "happy ever after" are not looking promising. 

If you can help us bring them in to a loving Abbey Cat foster home where they will receive the love and attention needed to prepare them for permanent homes, please fill out a foster parent application.

If you are not able to foster at this time, but would like to help us help cats like Linwood and her babies, please consider making a donation.

No amount is too small to make a big difference in the lives of cats and kittens that we are trying to help.



Rosemary came to us from an overcrowded shelter situation just in the nick of time.
Within a couple of days settling in to her foster home, she gave birth on October 23, 2022.
There are 5 wee ones - 4 tuxies like her, and one black kitten..
It's much too early to know their sexes (or names) but we'll keep you posted when we have more information.


Humane Society International's  Animal Rescue Team and country office staff are on the ground in Europe, helping Ukrainian refugees fleeing the conflict with their beloved pets by providing funding and supplies such as pet food, collars, leads, toys, treats and water bowls, as well as veterinary care. 
Please consider making a donation to support their emergency response for Ukraine and other lifesaving efforts worldwide.  
***Contributions to HSI Canada are not tax-deductible***


Cat Responsibility

We at Abbey Cats love to tell you about our adoptable cats and kittens, how they’re beautiful and playful and smart and cuddly and a wonderful addition to any home and family. But let me tell you a little bit about us - I mean, all of us. People domesticated cats 8000-9000 years ago. That means that although they still look a good bit like the original wild animal, they have long lost their connection with the wild, in fact millennia ago.  

Yes, a cat will kill and eat birds and rodents; that part of their essential nature has not been lost. Hounds will chase and kill a rabbit, horses will run for the sheer fun of it. Some things are hard wired. But hounds are not very likely to be left to fend for themselves outside, at least not in Canada. It is a sad reality that many cats are.
The perception that they “belong” out of doors, and even worse, that they can fend for themselves, is so pervasive and so wrong that it is heartbreaking. Outdoor cats are exposed to the dangers of cars, weather, predators, getting lost, disease, pregnancy, and aggression from other cats.
Abandoned, discarded, unwanted “strays” and ferals also face a slow death by starvation.
They are not able to fend for themselves. After 8000 years they have forgotten how. Can you blame them?

We invited cats to join us on our evolutionary journey to modern man. Now we have a collective responsibility to make good on our part of the deal. How? Be a responsible cat owner; keep your cats inside, care for them medically, physically and emotionally, protect them and love them. Spay and neuter your cats. When it comes time to adopt, adopt a rescue, give a kitty another chance, repair the damage done by past relationships and abandonment. Remember when you adopt kittens, adoption is for life. You will see those babies through the good and the bad, including the sick and the old.

Not sure you can afford a cat right now? You’re right, costs can be significant - quality food, litter, toys, spay and neuter surgery, medical costs, boarding. If the timing is not right, consider fostering instead, volunteer at your local shelter, cat sit for family and friends. Are you facing some uncertainties in your future? Serious illness, marital break-up, job loss? Provide for your cat; be responsible. Find a new home, with a firm commitment, in case you have to give your cat up. Arrange for its secure future, allowing you to concentrate on your own.

And - speak up if you suspect neglect or abuse. Be their voice, their advocate, their rescuer.

Cats have enriched our lives for so long, life without them is unimaginable. They feel the same about us. They love us, but they also need and depend on us.

It’s an awesome responsibility.



Abbey Cats is currently in the process of expanding our volunteer team, and we are seeking cat lovers to join!

Have a skill set or extra time you can lend to the organization? We want to hear from you!

We desperately need a foster parent coordinator, drivers, and adoption counsellors 

If you are able to help, please fill out an application today!!

We also have several leadership positions open - please indicate in your application if this is of interest to you.

Volunteer Today!!


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Abbey Cat Adoptions is a registered Canadian charity #88190 0401 RR0001