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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 20026
1077 North Service Road #39
Mississauga, ON L4Y 1A6

Note:  this is a mailing address only – it is not a shelter.
Our foster homes and cats / kittens are located all over GTA


Saving one cat will not change the world,
but surely for that one cat, the world will change forever. - Karen Davidson

***We regret that due to a high volume of calls, we are unable reply to those applicants who ask for only one kitten and have no kittens at home.*** 

***Because of the high volume of interest that we are getting, we process online applications for kittens first and we may not get to telephone enquiries either in a timely fashion or perhaps at all***



Kittens! Who doesn’t love them? Feather-light, warm-bodied blue-eyed bundles of fluff.
Scampering, pouncing, jumping, climbing, racing. Playing hide-and-seek, jack-in-the-box,
catch-me-if-you-can. Wrestling, chasing, rolling, play-fighting with their litter mates.
Snuggling, cuddling, purring in their sleep, smiling, giving kisses, seeking pets, love-love-loving. 

But like in humans, childhood is also a time of learning. Kittens learn to use the litter box, just like mom - well maybe a scaled down version so they don’t feel like they’re in a swimming pool. They learn to drink water from a bowl or pet fountain.
They learn to eat solid food. They learn to leave people food alone, stay off tables and counter tops, resist the mouth-watering aromas coming from the stove.
They learn to sheath their claws when playing with humans.
They learn to be gentle and accommodating with children. They learn this post is for scratching and that sofa isn’t. They learn not to be frightened by the disconcerting way humans scoop them up off the floor. They learn to live with other pets, that human strangers visit the house, that an open door doesn’t mean an escape opportunity.

But Charmaine’s 8 kittens have had none of those opportunities. 7 weeks old, and they live with their young mom in a cage. They’re lucky to be alive; the shelter was the best thing to happen to them so far.
But we can do better.
Kitten hood is short, and there is so much to learn, so much fun to be had, so much love to get and to give. Their need is urgent.
A foster home will let them be kittens, but also teach them to be the kind of adult cat we all want to live with.
Charmaine is a good mom, but she needs help.
Can you be the foster mom these babies need?

If you have room in your heart and your home for Charmaine and her kittens; to offer them all a safe, warm and caring place to hang out until everyone's ready to be adopted, please fill out a foster parent application.


Do you remember when the great Muhammad Ali was called Cassius Clay?
I think of him when I see Abbey Cat’s Cassius. They have a lot in common. They were both fighters, survivors, champions.

Our Cassius came from a hoarding situation.
A young un-neutered male, Cassius challenged the older males in the house and was banished to the outdoors.
The family fed him, and say he was friendly.
When they surrendered their many other cats, though, we had to work to get Cassius.
They were going to move away and leave him behind.

When Cassius arrived at his foster home, he was thin and malnourished, testament to his struggle to survive outdoors. He was also terrified.
His foster mom has worked for months at reassuring him, making him feel safe and loved.
He will accept pets now, and treats certainly, but he has a long way to go.
Cassius has had little reason to trust people, and if we are going to ask for that trust, we’ll have to work for it.  

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the scenes, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” Muhammad Ali.

Cassius is trying so hard. He wants to stay inside with his foster family. He wants the pets and scratches and tickles, but he is so scared.
He will be a loving cat some day, his foster mom is sure of it.

What he needs now is a special home - a forever home, or a long term foster home where he can be the only cat.
He needs an experienced cat lover who knows where he’s coming from and what potential lies in his beautiful eyes.

Can you be the one for Cassius?

If you are that special person, please fill out an application today... foster or adoption... and one of our volunteers will get back to you.


This beautiful young girl was found wandering with her mother and sibling north of the city.
When the people who have her now went to rescue the family, the mother and sibling had disappeared, but they were able to take in Swirl and have had her for about a month.

They would love to see Swirl adopted to a loving home and have contacted Abbey Cats for help.

This little lady (4-5 months old) loves to play and is allowing her rescuers to pick her up and pet her.
Swirl is a distinctive looking silver, broad stripe tabby, who is still somewhat frightened by loud noises.

In time, and in the right environment, Swirl will be a wonderful addition to a family.
If you would like to foster Swirl and heap loads of love on her while she's waiting for a permanent home, please fill out a foster parent application.


Abbey Cats is always taking in new cats and kittens who will be looking for permanent homes...
Until they are ready to be adopted, we rely on our wonderful volunteer foster parents to take care of them.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent - please fill out the foster parent application today.
We are always in need of experienced (or those willing to learn) to join our foster parent family.
 Foster Parent Application Form


Abbey Cats is currently in the process of expanding our volunteer team, and we are seeking cat lovers to join!

We desperately need drivers, adoption counsellors and foster parents!!

If you are able to help, please fill out an application today!!

We also have several leadership positions open - please indicate in your application if this is of interest to you.



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Abbey Cat Adoptions is a registered Canadian charity #88190 0401 RR0001