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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 20026
1077 North Service Road #39
Mississauga, ON L4Y 1A6

Note:  this is a mailing address only – it is not a shelter.
Our foster homes and cats / kittens are located all over GTA


Saving one cat will not change the world,
but surely for that one cat, the world will change forever. - Karen Davidson

***We regret that due to a high volume of calls, we are unable reply to those applicants who ask for only one kitten and have no kittens at home.*** 

***Because of the high volume of interest that we are getting, we process online applications first and we may not get to telephone enquiries either in a timely fashion or perhaps at all***


However, if for some reason you are having trouble filling out the online application 
Please call the phone line - 416 - 284 - 2140


image of Markova

Markova came into the Abbey Cats program from a rescue up north. She was a bit reserved when she arrived but it didn't take long before she was trying to make friends with the humans around her, letting them pet her. She is still a bit nervous of her new surroundings and will need a patient person to let her feel comfortable in her new home. She has been spayed and is presently in a home with her sister Pavlova and would like to be adopted with her. However, she would likely do well in a home where there is another friendly young cat.



 image of Pavlova 2image of Pavlova

Pavlova came to Abbey Cats from a rescue up north. She is a bit shy but is coming around slowly and allows her foster mum to pet her and will press her head into her foster mum's hand to show her pleasure. Pavlova has been spayed and is in a home with her sister Markova. She would like to be adopted with her sister, however, would likely do well in a home with another friendly young cat or in a home where she can get lots of attention.



image of Zoe

People seek a new home for a cat for lots of reasons. Among the saddest ones we see are the orphaned cats whose owners have passed away. The cat is processing her own grief and loss, but is also faced with loss of her home, the only home she’s ever known. The pain a cat like Zoey is going through is unimaginable.

It’s the Zoeys of the world that remind us why adopting a rescue is so much more meaningful than buying from a breeder or a pet shop. And, adopting an adult cat instead of a kitten can literally save a life, while avoiding all the costs and “growing pains” that can come with baby care.

Pretty Zoey is a good cat. Her sleek shiny coat shows her meticulous grooming. She is quiet and calm and self-possessed. She is affectionate and likes to be with people. She has lived with young children, and with another cat with whom she gets on well. At only three, she is young enough that she still loves to play, to run and play hide and seek with the kids, chase her ball and wand toy, and fall into a lap when she’s run herself out.

Zoey is currently with her late owner’s roommate, who cannot keep her. She urgently needs a new home, someone to love again, someone who makes her feel safe, and special and loved like she once was. Zoey’s new home is out there. We just need to find it.


image of Misha
Our pets aren’t all that different from us. Like humans, there are grumpy cats, playful ones, smart ones, lazy ones, shy ones.

Lovely Misha is shy. It might be just the way she is, but it could also be because of her past experiences. Adopted originally from a shelter, she was inexplicably dropped off 5 years later. They just didn’t want her any more.

That would make me a bit shy about human relationships.

Just like some people, cats like Misha do best in a quiet home. They need to be able to control their relationships, the noise level, the unpredictability of sudden movements and sounds. That pretty well rules out small children; older, considerate kids should be fine.

Misha doesn’t like dogs or even other cats. That says she has never lived with either, and Misha is not likely to change her mind about them now. That’s a shame, because sometimes a friendly cat companion helps a shy cat navigate the challenges of life. In Misha’s case, that role will have to be fulfilled by her human. One-on-one Misha is fine; she loves pets and scratches, loves to be brushed, loves a friendly voice telling her she’s beautiful. She’s starting to play but that will come in time, as it requires a comfort level that you have to earn from Misha.

What do we want for Misha? We want it all. She would do best in a quiet adult/older kid home, one with cat experience. She needs gentle support and encouragement, constancy, consistency and unconditional love. She needs, in short, what we think she has never had. Maybe Misha isn’t shy at all; maybe she’s just disappointed in people. Are you the one to  change that?



Fonteyn (aged about three years) DSH grey female was recently rescued from a snowbank up north and will be admitted into one of our foster homes. She is apparently quite the talker. loves people but not so keen on other cats.

If you are interested in helping cats like Fonteyn please complete an online foster parent application.



Abbey Cats is currently in the process of expanding our volunteer team, and we are seeking cat lovers to join!

We desperately need drivers, and adoption counsellors 

If you are able to help, please fill out an application today!!

We also have several leadership positions open - please indicate in your application if this is of interest to you.



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Abbey Cat Adoptions is a registered Canadian charity #88190 0401 RR0001