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Largs and Esther!!
Hi Everyone,

Raven and Blaze (the renamed Ester and Largs) are loving their forever home.

It took Blaze about 10 minutes to climatize himself and Raven took a few days. But, she is definitely the ringleader of trouble!

They love to be pet, cuddled, and chased.

The boys are definitely wearing them out, and they love when the kittens are willing to sleep with them at night.

Thanks for all your assistance

Josie Checks In!!
Hi Marion!

Just wanted to update you on Josie, I renamed her Phoenix then changed to Ginkgo.

Ginkgo adjusted very well to living with us and our existing cat Phoebe.
Phoebe is still very temperamental with Ginkgo although Ginkgo is unbothered.

I think with Phoebe its mostly jealousy and some uncertainty about sharing us and her space.

Ginkgo loves to play and cuddle.
We love her and I think Phoebe secretly tolerates her when we’re not around 😝 hope you’re well!

Here's some photos.
Feel free to share with the abbey-cats team.
Thanks again!

Rochelle and Adeline!!

Hi Abbey Cats!

We are so very in love and thankful to have found our purrfect fur babies thanks to you and your amazing services.

The gals are adjusting so well and are extremely snuggly and so very sweet and funny.

After getting to know these beautiful creatures a bit more we have taken to calling them Pythia (Rochelle) and Persephone (Adeline).

We call Rochelle, Pythia, after the Greek Oracle of Delphi…because when she looks at you with her great big eyes it’s like she’s staring into your soul and seeing the future ;) And Adeline we call Persephone after the Greek goddess of the Underworld because she loves to hang out in dark cuddly spaces…plus she’s a bit of a diva ;)

Thank you again for all you have done and are doing, you made this process so smooth, seamless and your diligence in vetting adopters is exceptional and appreciated.

Thanks for helping make our little family complete!
With love,
Brooke, John, Persephone (Adeline) and Pythia (Rochelle)

Casper and Tobie!!

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update on Casper and Tobie. 
They are both doing great and the transition into our home went smoothly. 
They are very active, curious, playful kittens who love to snuggle with each other and even with our dog.
The dog is still not sure of what is going on but she is out numbered so she just gave up. 😆

Thank you for all your help and especially to Sanda for being so kind and responsive. 
Below are pics of the boys.




Ember Is Settling In Nicely!!

Ember (formerly Bec) has been the perfect addition to our home.

We had recently adopted a 1yr old mama cat who needed a bit more action than our 14yr old kitty could give.

Ember has fit right in and gives Olive a run for her money while surprisingly also inspiring Moka to run and play as well.

Thank you Abbey Cats for all your hard work and Marion for fostering Ember and taking such good care of her.

She is the cuddliest little girl and we love her.

Thank you


An Update on Evie & Shilo!

Hi Abbey Cats,

It's the Minard family proud adopters of Evie & Shilo.

Just wanted to let you know that the little ones are doing well and adjusting to their new home.
They have brought so much joy to our family, we just love love them!

They are so sweet and fun to watch.

They are getting bigger, but still squeeze in to sleep in the top level of our cat tree together!
The girls just adore them.

Hope you are doing well and are enjoying the holiday season.

All the Best

Ronan would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

He has settled in nicely and is doing so well.
He is an amazing cat with a wonderful personality. 
He loves to be brushed and to play.

Sharron & Randy




I'm not sure if you remember me - my name is Elizabeth, I adopted Scarlett in July of 2021 alongside my partner, Naomi. I'm not even entirely sure if this is the right way to contact you or Abbey cat adoptions. Hopefully this reaches you well; otherwise if you have an appropriate email for me that I could send this to I'd appreciate it if you passed it on to me.

I just wanted to update you and the Abbey Cat Adoption team. Scarlett is doing incredibly well and has adjusted to her home amazingly over the past few months. She came to us incredibly shy and scared - as advertised - but has since flourished into the funniest, sweetest can I've ever known. She's still a bit timid, which is perfectly reasonable, but has come out of her shell in so many interesting ways.

She is insanely playful. I've known quite a few barn cats in my life which are known to be quite rambunctious, and she surpasses even them. Cartwheels, backflips, butt wiggles, the works. She absolutely adores her feather on a string. The second you pick it up, her eyes go wide as saucers!

She is vocal! Which is a huge surprise given how incredibly shy both her foster and we recognized her to be. For a while I wasn't even sure she knew how to meow. She started experimenting with the tiniest little mews after a few weeks, but has since ramped up to full-on concerts at the slightest provocation. Breakfast, dinner, someone coming home, you've ignored her for 15 minutes... anything will start her up. And it's a joy. She has a loud, high meow like a kitten. It's incredibly sweet.

LOVES to be pet. To be fair, it is still a little tough getting her comfortable enough to be touched. But she has a few favorite "safe spots" - her bed by the fireplace, her heated bed on Naomi's desk to name a few - where she totally lets her guard down. She purrs and nuzzles and rubs like she's never been pet in her life. She is so loving.

As for our rabbit, Pekoe - they get along great. We haven't managed to catch them snuggling together (as as promised for a Christmas card) but Scarlett has rubbed up against her a few times. Most of their interactions involve Scarlett playfully pouncing on her to Pekoe's begrudging tolerance, or Scarlett scampering away when Pekoe runs up to her. They're an incredibly sweet duo. I think Pekoe really makes a perfect match for her - enough to offer some non-human companionship, but not so much as to overwhelm her timid nature.

Mostly I'm emailing you all this first and foremost as a thanks for all your hard work at the adoption center. Between ensuring Scarlett had a wonderful foster before us, making sure we matched up well and how thorough all of the examination was. It was a very reassuring experience. But it's also because through the adoption process, we got the sense that everyone working with us cared for this cat very deeply. And I wanted to reassure you all that this once very timid, undersocialized cat has truly blossomed.

Happy holidays to you all,

- Elizabeth

Elka & Capen

We wanted to follow up and say thank you again, we could not be happier. Elka and Capen are fitting in perfectly. We thought we would send some pictures of them in their new home so we can share how happy they are.



Connie & Clarence




Autumn (now Lola) is doing great! I’ve learned she loves her butt scratches and that I need to
get a rug or two so she doesn’t slip around when she’s trying to stick her butt up in the air
as high as possible. She’s eating and drinking and exploring her new home and I think she’s
getting more and more comfortable.
She is just the sweetest girl and I’m so happy to have her.


Ingrid and Gunther

It sure didn't take these two long to settle in.
Within hours of arriving at their new home, they were playing and exploring their new digs. 
Ingrid is quite adventurous.

Stripes & Spots

A HUGE thank you again to Kerri and Michael who were such wonderful foster parents to these two and had the very tough job of entrusting these precious little ones to us after raising them and loving them from so little. They are such happy, beautiful, healthy little souls with big appetites for food, playing and affection!
They have both settled in so beautifully, with Stripes forming an instant and very strong bond with Ethan, and Spots loving play time with the twins and with his sister, but equally loving copious amounts of snuggles during the day time in my cardigan! He often joins my zoom calls, much to the delight of my colleagues, to open up one eye and promptly doze right back off to sleep in my cardigan until the next play and cuddle session with the boys.
Our old boy, Bean, has sniffed them both out thoroughly and seems very fascinated and pleased with them. However, it will be a while before we allow them all to be together unsupervised as the little ones seem a bit unsure of our friendly giant (understandably so) at this early stage.
These two have brought so much love and joy into our home in the short time that they’ve been with us - a very big thank you to all!

Cats Cats

Sawyer & Emery

I wanted to give a one year update about Sawyer and Emery. They are still best buddies and Emery has given Sawyer a lot of courage to explore and meet some limited immediate family. Ever since they first ventured out of the room one step at a time, Emery has shown Sawyer that the world is not too scary anymore! They are both so loving with Caytlin and I, as well as with one another. Every night Emery crawls into the crook of Caytlin's arms for a cuddle, where he typically stays for most of the night! Sawyer likes to sleep at my (Shawn's) feet. They have no desire to bug us for food in the morning, and would rather sleep in.
Also, they have remained indoor cats for their safety, but I have set up a lot of great spots to look outside, and I've had some windows opened recently to catch some of the fresh breezes.
They also have half of our downstairs set up as a "play arena" which includes a cat tower, a tunnel, and some blankets, and paper bags, along with a truck full of different toys. It's the routine every morning and night to run them downstairs in "the arena" to get their energy out. In the odd times we miss a play session, they run after one another and play fight gently like good brothers.
Thanks for a great experience, and for trusting us with these little brother kitties.

Cats Cats

Summer & Spring (Ivy & Bean)

A little over a week since we brought them home and we just wanted you all to know that Summer & Spring (renamed Ivy & Bean, after a book series the girls all loved when they were little) are settling in very nicely. Our older cat, Seven, is slowly embracing her new role as big sister to these rambunctious little ones. They have already brought us such joy, during what has been a difficult year for everyone. Thanks for everything!


Chili & Chai

It was a great first day with the kitties. They ate, played, found the litter and explored. They're now exhausted and it's time for them to go to bed! Thanks once again for all the effort to get them here.


Markova (Molly)

It’s coming up on a year since I picked up my Molly, then known as Markova. I wanted to share some pictures of her in her new home. Thank you for taking care of her! And thanks to the abbey cats Reps who helped me pick out the perfect cat for me.


Beau & Babette

We have decided to call them Otis (Beau) and Ollie(Babette). They are settling in very nicely, such a happy distraction at such a stressful time.
Melissa and Jeff


Falk & Finbar

A year in and the boys are doing great, thanks for everything Jill and Samir. They must have some Maine Coon in them, because they kept growing... and growing... they're both 12 pounds and slim. 

Cats Cats
Cats Cats

Luke & Greedo

Luke and Greedo are settling in well in their new home, only 2 days there and they're already snuggling!


Sullivan & Snowshoe (Clarissa)

I would like to give you an update on my kitties that I adopted from your agency back in November 2019. They are adorable and well behaved cats. I am so glad that I adopted two of them.

Sullivan being curious and very social helped Snowshoe come out of her shell. They are so lovable. They are fussy eaters. I have never met a cat that does not like Tuna or fish, but Sully turns his nose at it, he prefers meat but Snowshoe loves fish. My daughter has a cat Diesel also a rescue and he is just like their big brother when he visits. They adore him.

Here are a few pictures.

Cats Cats


Thank you so much. She is the best and I love her so much! I adopted her from you guys in Nov 2019 and she has made me so happy. I know in her original bio you guys had said she always meows for food when you open the fridge. She has gotten better with that but my dad calls her “feed-me” instead of her name “phoebe” because it sounds the same. I don’t think he has ever called her by her real name to this day.

 width=  width=

Luna & Levi

Just wanted to send you some pictures of the kittens. We renamed them. It is Levi and Luna now. They are doing well and fitting in nicely here. 



I am so grateful to have Abby in my life.
It's just over six months, but it feels like I've always had her.
She's a source of delight and companionship, every day!
Cats Cats


 CatsThank you so much for assisting us to receive the most wonderful gift of our whole year - our handsome wonderful boy!










Ollie & Stan

I thought I would share some photos of Ollie (Bitsy) and Stan. They are settling in quite well and both are now comfortable being in the room with us instead of hiding and they are running around and playing with us and each other (even when we are there!). 
We had to take down the Christmas tree yesterday because both of them just love to climb up and knock the ornaments off. 
Stan is still quite shy but Ollie is a social butterfly. She follows us from room to room to see what we are doing and today we had our first petting session!  Here’s hoping Stan allows us to pet him soon also. 
I will send more photos next week once we have made more progress.
Cats Cats

Izzy & Tucker

I just wanted to give you a little update on the kitty’s.

It has been so great adopting them and we love them so much. They are definitely a lot of fun. Both Izzy & Tucker are extremely affectionate. Izzy likes to talk a lot . When she is resting whenever she rolls over or stretches she talks. When its feeding time she likes to jump at my leg & meow. I guess I take too long.

Tucker likes to sit on his hind legs & if you bend down he will put both of his paws on either cheek & kisses us. It’s the cutest thing.

The babies have completed their shots & on Dec 4th they just got fixed. They have recovered quick from this and have gone back to their playful self's

Delphine (now Scout) & Maxime (now Maxwell)

Just wanted to send a quick update on Delphine (now Scout) and Maxime (now Maxwell). They settled in nice and quickly and can usually be found in their favourite napping spot among the sweaters in our closet. They also get along great with our dog, D’Arcy, and it’s so fun to watch the three of them playing together.

Thanks again for your help through the process!

Cats Cats

Theo (now Loki) & Phoebe (now Adora)

Theo (now Loki) and Phoebe (now Adora) in their superhero capes and having a nap together. Talk about cuteness overload!

Cats Cats

Dusty & Ash

Thank you Abbey Cats! We just adopted Dusty and Ash.

Cats Cats



Bonnie was very timid when she first arrived, and she spent the first week with me hiding under my bed and emerging only at night when I was sleeping. Slowly, she began to emerge more and more, staring at me with great interest but not approaching. With lots of patience and treats, she has grown to trust me, and now one of her absolute favourite spots to be is curled up in my lap for cuddles! She’s still cautious around new people and in new places, but her confidence is growing and I know she’ll make more friends with time.
Bonnie is an extremely curious kitty, and she loves to sit anywhere that she can look out the window and watch the world - she especially loves when the window is open so she can smell the outside world too! She’s also very playful, and she loved chasing crinkly balls or anything that makes noise - she’ll pounce and zoom around like a kitten!
Bonnie has a couple of habits we’re working on, but she’s an incredibly well-adjusted girl for a kitty with a tumultuous past, and she’s truly the sweetest companion I could have hoped for.
A huge thank you to everyone at Abbey Cats for listening to what I was looking for and suggesting this sweet girl to me.

Liam & Theodore


We've been very busy enjoying our kitties and making them feel at home. And it certainly feels like they are. Liam, now Macallan (or Mac), has shown more interest getting to known our dog Jameson; while Theodore (now Talisker or Tali) has elected to keep a little distance. Both boys are busy running all over the house, playing with their many toys, sleeping in multiple places and drinking out of the big dog bowl. Mac has recently found a new hobbie of watching the squirrels from the front window. Both are great cuddle bugs and we always hear a roaring purr from Tali. They did amazing for their vaccines last week and I gave them a perfect bill of health.
Thanks again for your wonderful care of them when they were with you!

Fern & Aster


Hi there!
Kittens seem to be doing well. Eating, playing, sleeping....a lot. I’m very happy!

Faith & Xander

Good afternoon
Just a quick note to let you know that the kittens are settling in nicely and all is going well. Everyone is very happy.
Thank you all.


Good morning
Just want to say a Big thank you to Abbeycats for our gentleman PRINCE
He likes to talk to us and we now know where we stand in the household - lol

Perkins & Clarence

Hello Jill, I'm not sure if you are still with Abbey Cat Rescue but wanted to let you know that Perkins and Clarence, bonded brothers that were adopted on July 13, 2016 are doing well. Their names are Prince and Bowie. They are now 8 years old and living quite the life. Thank you for providing the opportunity to bring these boys to live with us...they bring us joy every day.
Fran and Timmie

Livorno & Dell

I just wanted to share some pictures with you of Tintin (formerly Livorno) and Monty (formerly Dell). They have settled in nicely and are slowly learning to fit in with our two resident cats. It's such a joy watching them play!


Beatrix & Pip

The Kitty's are doing very well. We were amazed at how quickly they became comfortable in their new home. We mulled over a few names and decided to keep them the same, Beatrix and Pip.


Angus & O'Malley

The boys are settling in and excited to check out their new toys!


Midi is doing great! He’s made himself at home. It took a few days for him to settle in and get used to his new home but it’s his house now just as much as mine. I couldn’t be happier either. I missed having a cat around but I didn’t realize how much I missed having a cat until he came here. He usually sleeps in bed with me at the beginning of the night and then in the chair next to my bed for the rest of the night. He’s very relaxed and easy going just as you said and loves to be pet and have my full attention ha ha ha. And you can absolutely post those pictures as a success story if you’d like. Here are a few others if you want to use as well if you like. Thanks again for fostering him and to everyone at Abbey Cat Adoptions for everything you guys do! Shawn

Sam (Eugene)

Hi everyone,

All is going well. Eugene (formerly Sam) is the world's friendliest cat. No problems with settling in, litter boxes, vet visit, or meeting Mids (Midnight). They have been acting like they have always known each other; it's fantastic.

It's also a great reminder to me that it's *so* worth adopting a mature/older cat. Everyone wants the kittens, but there's way less uncertainty with a mature cat. Their personalities are established and easy to see, and they are so much fun. Mids is 10 and Eugene is 5, and they are both full of beans and so lovely.

Thank you for all your great work in taking care of these cats who need a home- a special thanks to Yulia for taking good care of Eugene until we could pick him up!

Here are a few photos for your enjoyment.

Take care and stay safe,

Zazu (Kody)

it’s me, Kody boy. I am doing very well and a I love my new home and my people, and am getting used to the other felines and canine in my house. I love lying across Mama’s neck when she is sleeping, then she gently moves me over and then I sleep by her shoulder. I love her very much. She loves me and tells me so, every 15 minutes, all day. Mama just retired last week, and now she is home with me all day, every day! My vet tells me that I am actually between 3-5 years old. So now that I am older, can I boss my brother and sisters? Hmmm...I also have a very slight allergy to chicken, so I scratched, but mama has switched my diet and I am not itchy anymore.

Here are some pictures. My family says I am soooo beautiful!! There is also a picture of Logan and Aria who I play with, but Aria hisses too much. I am in the last two pictures...

Love you all, and thank you all for saving me so that I can have the most loving family in the whole world.

Chima (Molly)

Chima (now Molly) is very happy ruling the roost in her new home with Jason, Kate and Mumford. Mumford and Molly play on the cat tree together, taking turns at the top. The bathroom is also a favourite hang out before nap time or tv time together on the couch.

We are so happy for all of them.



We just got a new picture of Franny enjoying her new home.


Roxy & Phantom

Hi All,

I am attaching a picture of Roxy (Hildy) and Phantom (Chip). It is hard to get both of them together in the same picture as they are always moving around.
There was a rabbit in the backyard which took their attention so I was able to get this shot. I hope the picture comes through okay. The two of them are the best of friends and get along amazingly well. They are such good, loving kittens (almost cats) and we love having them.
Thank you for helping us to adopt them.


Lumi & Brillo

Hello to everyone at Abbey Cats,

Writing to you to give you the happy family update for Lumi/Brillo (now Luna) and her brother Cardinal/Mohawk (now Picasso).

These siblings have come into our home and family without missing a beat and are happy and healthy. 

They are so well adjusted, we think, because they received such a good start with their cat mum and foster family. Thanks for that! They are playful and loving and cuddly and bring us joy every day. The kids are happy to care for and entertain them and patiently remove them from tables, plants, and wire-chewing activities about 1000 times a day. 

Here are some pics of them for you to share. We hope all are well - especially the kitten's mum and brother. 


All the best, 

Monica and family

Balthazar & Melchior Are Settling In

Hi All

It took a couple of days, but the boys are now racing around their room.
They have met the other cats, but so far it is only Ivy who has shown an active continuing interest in their presence and who seems not to intimidate Balthazar who is indeed a very skittish little man.
Melchior by contrast is rather unflappable - cool as a proverbial cucumber.
(Riley at least is no longer terrified by new kittens as he has been in the past).
We'll be letting them explore a bit more of the house soon while we supervise.
Thanks again!

Leon and Nina



Just wanted to update you! We decided to name her "Camber" she is doing great!
She has her own space in her large dog kennel set up for her in my room.
Doesn't mind the other animals at all!
I let her wanted my room this evening and she seems to be settling in quite well.
Eating and drinking great!
Here's a few photos.

Thanks for this sweet little girl!

Happy New Year From Flortine

Hello Abbey cats and happy new year!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for connecting me with what's been the best addition to my year.

I adopted Mhysa (previously Flortine) on Valentine's Day 2019 and she's been nothing short of loving, affectionate and the sweetest friend. She's made the bad days so much better.

When I first adopted Mhysa she hid for 4 days under my couch. She would only come out at 5 in the morning (very discreetly) or when I was away. She was unbelievably skittish.
but then after two weeks she got used to me and that's where her personality became very apparent  mhysa is quiet, gentle and loving. She follows me around to every room and loves being pet. At first you couldn't pick her up or clip her nails but now the instant I go to lift her she starts purring and rubbing her head. She's chatty but her meow is adorable it's high pitched and sounds like a kitten.

She has also showed 0 aggression to me and friends, rather put a hand near her and 100% of the time she will start licking you. Mhysa is honestly the cutest ball of cotton who loves to play with the laser pointer or the wand or her fav is the pompoms with aluminum foil.

Everytime I go home I am welcomed by a happy kitty chirping and brushing against my leg. She is so much to me. Thank you ❤



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