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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 20026
1077 North Service Road #39
Mississauga, ON L4Y 1A6

Note:  this is a mailing address only – it is not a shelter.
Our foster homes and cats / kittens are located all over GTA


Here's An Update On Winston And Sebastion!!

Hello all!  

On November 1st, 2018, my family welcomed two new fur babies, Winston and Sebastian, into our home thanks to Abbey Cats.
After losing my childhood pet of 16 years in July, I was worried that I would never be able to love another pet again. Boy, was I wrong.

Winston and Sebastian (who we decided not to rename) have brought our family so much happiness.
They’re extremely affectionate and love to sleep near us (and in laundry hampers), but they love sleeping next to each other most!
They have a great relationship and are still as playful as when we first got them.

Since we are currently celebrating their half birthday and three months with them in our home, we thought we would thank the people who made it possible for us.
So, once again, thank you kindly for finding us a good fit and allowing us to bring these fur babies into our home.

I’ve attached some photos from the month of January of the two - look how big they’ve gotten!! :)



Cloudy And Clementine Have Sent Us An Update:

Cloudy and Clementine have settled in very well, and are already getting so big!

They are a wonderful addition to our family, both very affectionate and sociable.

Clementine is a champion purrer, while Cloudy (the fluffier one) was at first the more timid one, but has come out of her shell and is proving to be the more adventurous.

They are also quite patient with our 6 year old :).

Thank you Abbey Cats -- everyone that we were in touch with throughout the adoption process were terrific.

What a great org!


Topkapi and Tessin Check In:

First day
Trying not to fall asleep
with a dog 2 feet away!

Hello all,

Just want to update everyone on Toby and Tess (formerly Topkapi and Tessin).

These two little charmers have adapted very quickly and are doing wonderfully well.

They are extremely friendly and it is obvious that have been well socialized, quickly warming up to friends and family.

Their non stop antics are endlessly entertaining and they so clearly adore each other.
They had their first vet appt on Friday and our Vet was extremely impressed with how well the kittens had been cared for prior to arriving at our home as they exhibited none of the afflictions commonly seen in kittens arriving from shelters.

As to our 65 lb dog Buddy, he has been very patient and attempts to make himself appear as small as possible so as not to frighten the 2 lb kittens.

Thank you again to the wonderful foster parents who took such excellent care of Toby and Tess!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families,

Here's An Update On Jamie (Whiskey) and Claire!!


It's been 2 months since we brought home Claire and Whiskey, formerly known as Jamie (it was supposed to be Sir Whiskers for his little white "moustache" but Whiskey rolled off the tongue more easily) so I thought I'd give you guys an update on how they're doing.

My family and I adore them, and they seem to be happy with us too.
They enjoy exploring new rooms (and cabinets) and hanging around us.
Whiskey is a snuggly lapcat when we're relaxing in the living room, Claire often follows me around the house, and she can make a toy of almost anything (her favourite is the paper egg carton cups) .
Whiskey still loves to sleep on dining chairs, like back at Samir's place, and they are still little slobs when it comes to eating.

It's hard to imagine that we've only had them for 2 months.
While they can be a challenge at times--they don't really like grooming of any sort, though we do still try, and it took weeks of trials to coax them into trying wet food--I feel very thankful to have them with us.
They bring so much joy to my family.

Here are a few pictures of them now that they've been prettied up.
They both got lion cuts at the groomers to remove their mats shortly after coming home with me, and they are starting to get fluffy again.
I hope you enjoy!




Moshe and Yoshi... Now Jimmy Jazz And Rudie Say Hello!!

Moshe & Yoshi ... not looking like kittens anymore but are still a pair of snuggle brothers

Jimmy Jazz is the shorter coat formerly Moshe and Rudie is the fluffy one formerly Yoshi.

They are high energy and love to wrestle and when not playing they still snuggle up together.

They are the sweetest boys and very affectionate!


Cassie, Harper and Spencer's Humans Have Sent Us An Update:

Cassie and Spencer Cassie, Spencer and Harper Harper and another adopted sibling Sera sleeping together on their human's lap

Spencer, Cassie and Harper are doing very well!
They have made friends with the other cats in the house.

Harper had to have a number of teeth pulled recently, but she has fully recovered and is quite happy now.

They have been with us just over a year now, figured we would send you an update.

Thanks for all the great work you do.
They are amazing additions to our family.
So glad we were able to take them all together...they are so bonded separation would have destroyed them.

Persians Ania and Elia Have Found The Perfect Home!!

Hi there!

We want to thank Abbey Cat again for entrusting these gorgeous girls into our family.

We could not have asked for better girls.
When they arrived they were groggy from the spay surgery that morning but they warmed up quickly.
They were also in dire need of a grooming.

We let them heal from their spay and brought them in for a shave down.
I managed to save their tails and most of Luna's (tabby) mane.
The tortie we call Hoot because she has a very owl like face, but my hubby calls her squirrel cat. 😄

As soon as all the matting had been shaved off, both girl were completely different!
They had been so quiet and slow moving, due to the discomfort of the mats.
Now they are both happy, fun and outgoing girls!
They are much loved by our large family and fit in perfectly.

Thank you!
Tamarie, Josh and family

Remember Madeline and Bethune? Here's An Update On This Pair...

We adopted these siblings back at the end of November 2018.
They were named Madeline and Bethune, now they are Rain and Beau respectively.
Our cat Storm had passed away and we named them "rainbow" as in after a storm comes a rainbow.
They're lovely and playful and so much fun!! I'm so glad we adopted them together as they are best friends.

Rain and Beau have settled perfectly into our home now, two months after first coming here!
They are best friends and love to chase each other around our house and then cuddle together as they sleep.
Rain is a super friendly, adventurous kitty! She loves when I sing Silent Night to her, and she comes running when I do.
Beau is more shy than his sister, but when he wants to be pet he runs to his favourite rug and rolls on his back.
Our two kitties are so cute and we love them so much!"

Thanks to all who run Abbey Cats.
My nephew and his fiancé just got 2 kittens from Abbey Cats recently and are thrilled.

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An Update From Soho's Human!


If you remember, she was a terrified and shy kitty at first (I even thought she was a munchkin because she ran only close to the ground in terror at first) but you can rest assured she has become quite brave and no longer cowers and hides to various noises.

She has become quite confident while remaining cautious, has shown zero behaviour issues and overall just appears a healthy cat.
Thank you for helping bring her into my life, she is  beautiful, and an amazing kitten.

Here's An Update On Carnaby!!

I wanted to provide you with an update on Carnaby.
She has already settled in really well in our home.
By the first night, she came out of hiding looking for pets and cuddles, and Now after just a couple days, she is following us around like our shadow.
She is playful and affectionate and has already become attached to us, spending nights sleeping with us in bed. She is absolutely adorable.
She makes the cutest little noises, in her attempts to communicate with us.
She is just precious.

Jamie (formerly Shumel) and Lucy (formerly Zipporah) Are Settling In!

We've just had an update from the kittens' new family.

"Here are 3 pics of our wonderful kittens we adopted through Abbey Cats:
Jamie (formerly Shumel) and Lucy (formerly Zipporah). 
Both kittens have settled nicely in our home and both are such a delight! 
We want to thank the wonderful work that our consultant did for us and the foster care giver to these kittens. 
We are very happy with how the adoption process worked out! 
Thank you!"

An Update From Tilly's Family!

Good afternoon!

Tilly is now at day 2 in her new home and she looks like the happiest kitty ever.
She very quickly adapted to the place, exploring every room with a lot of curiosity.
I can tell how she has been very well been taken care of, it is obvious that her foster father did a great job with her.

I have attached a few pictures here,  already love her so much.

                                                                                                           Thanks you Abbey Cat for making his happen.

Olive (Formerly Known as Tesla) Checks In!!!

We've just had a wonderful update from Olive's family.

"Just wanted to send an update to let you know how well Olive has adjusted to life with our family.
She's playful, gentle and affectionate with our 3 young kids.
She LOVES to cuddle.
We've only had her for a few weeks, yet it feels like we've always had her.
We absolutely adore this pink-nosed fluffy bunny-cow-kitty.
Thanks, Abbey Cats!"

Remember Ripley and Quirk??
We've Just Had An Update From Their Family!!

I just wanted to give an update on Ripley and Quirk, now respectively Poe and Byron. ??

They've won over the entire house with their antics & are very happy and healthy little purr machines.
The purring is seriously non-stop- the vet struggled for minutes take their heartbeats due to it.!

Myriam's Family Checks In!!

Hey everyone!
Hope you are all doing well.

I wanted to send an update on Myriam.
We renamed her Bianca and she has settled in wonderfully!

After only 3 days her new big brother started warming up to her.
They're now friends who love chasing each other around the house.
She's very affectionate towards him and though that is a change for him he is getting used to her cuddling up for naps.
She's got her favourite spots and toys and is always at the door greeting us when we get home.

She's such a sweet little cat and I'm forever grateful to all of you for bringing her into my life.
Her playfulness is like a ray of sunshine and I'll never get tired of hearing her purr!

We've Just Had An Update on Briar Rose and Honeysuckle!!

The girls' family has sent us some pictures and an update on them:

" We are very happy that they are with us:)
we already love them) and it seems like they love us too)
They have explored every inch of our apartment and already chose their favorite places)"



Here's An Update on Ravina and Simpson!!

The kittens are doing wonderfully!
Mori's(formerly Ravina) stitches have healed nicely. Leroy (formerly Simpson) has settled in quite well.
They are always torn between cuddle time and play time and will often like to do both at once.
Mori is very curious, brave, and does not startle as easily as her brother Leroy.
She might be smaller than Leroy but she knows how to stand up for herself and play-fight back.
She loves burrowing under blankets and loves being swaddled in a blanket burrito (she will fall asleep in it!).
Leroy is a big softy, loves to play, look out the window, and enjoy cat massages. He is very tall and likes to use that to his advantage by standing up to try to peer over the kitchen counter and jumping great heights to try and reach things.
He prefers cardboard boxes over his cat bed.

When we come home from work we will often find them in the window waiting for us or snuggled up together on our bed.
We love them so much and they have made lovely additions to our home.
Thank you so much for setting us up with them!




Langley and Victor (Now Raja and Rani) Check In!!

The day I decided to submit my application for adoption to Abbey Cat Adoptions, I didn’t think everything would happen so quickly.

I spoke to a representative the same day and the very next day I was visiting a potential pair!
When I met Victor and Langley (now Raja and Rani), a tabby sibling pair, I immediately fell in love, they were so sweet and playful.
I knew at that moment they were just what I needed to complete my little family.
The next day I went out and bought a ton of kitty supplies and brought them to their forever home.
Both siblings are doing very well, have adapted amazingly to their new home and, as their names suggest (Prince and Princess), they are treated and act like royalty!

They cuddle with me when I sleep and follow me around in the morning.
They have their bratty moments too, but I am in absolute awe every time one of them jumps into my lap to nap.
It is a true wonder I ever get any work done! 

Anyone who has met them has also fallen in love and they are often nearly kidnapped by friends and family!

I am so positively happy with the adoption and I think Raja and Rani are both very pleased as well.
They are also grateful to their foster mom for taking such good care of them.

We've Just Had An Update On Alexander and Ellis!!

"I just wanna update the status of Alex and Ellis.
They are happy and healthy in my home."

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Supriya Is Now Known As Ellie, And We've Just Had An Update!!!

Just wanted to send an update along with some pictures of Supriya, now named Ellie.

When we were first arranging to meet Ellie, we were told she was shy and some of the cats at the other shelter were picking on her.

So we were told she might try to hide away in small places around the house.
But when we brought Ellie home, I feel like she immediately felt comfortable here

Right away she started exploring jumping up on the bed.
She has been with us for only 3 weeks now and she greets me every day after work and loves to cuddle while watching TV.
She is constantly purring and isn’t afraid to come up and ask for more attention.
Her favourite toy is her squeaking mouse; she could chase that thing around for hours! (video)
She loves to play with her new brother, but is also content to just sit by his side.

She has been an amazing addition to our family and now couldn’t imagine our life without her!

An Update on Effie and Everdeen (now Eva)!!!!
Hello Ladies!!

How are you doing?

Just some photos of Effie and Eva in case you are wondering how they are doing

They have had their check ups and vaccinations, now just spaying to do, maybe a month after when they are bigger.
They are doing so wonderful, a perfect joy of our family.
Playing well, running everywhere, cuddling every day...And kids are in love with kittens.

I’m so happy I could bring them into my family..thank you again..
Best regards



We've Just Had An Update From Cochrane (now known as FitzRoy)!!!

As per the adoption agreement, I wanted to let you know that Cochrane, now called FitzRoy, got his neutering operation this past Saturday at the Toronto Humane Society. 

He is recovering just fine and is doing very well in general. 
He continues to get along splendidly with his adopted brother MacDuff and is tipping the scales at 2.7 kilos now. 
I expect he is going be a very large cat when fully grown. 
He hasn't had any serious health issues and has a very playful and loving personality.
The attached picture is a few weeks old, but you can see just how big he is getting.
Thank you all again for being there for him so that I had the opportunity to adopt him.

Remember Gemma????(Formerly Known As Merriweather)

We've just had an update from her family.
"Just wanted to send along a few recent pictures of our kitty (formerly Merriweather- now Gemma!).
We absolutely adore her and can't imagine our family without her.
Her and our dog Jax are totally bonded- I think she has oddly learned a lot of behaviours from him (I've never met a cat who runs to the door when the doorbell rings to eagerly inspect whoever has come calling!).
She is much more dog than cat like in the best way- beyond friendly, gentle and calm.
And never ever far from us or her doggy brother.
She certainly isn't a very independent little lady and we love her that way.
Thanks again for helping us bring her home!"

Tetree and Khajio (now Lucy) Check In!!

Happy 4 months to Tetree and Khajio ( who is now Tuluse aka Lucy)
They are both doing so well. we love them to bits.

The first day they came home they just seemed so comfortable and content.
They are very active, playfull, they are huge cuddlers and little pigs! (they LOVE their food)
I am attaching some pictures to this email, thank you so so much for our little angels.

Happy holidays!


We've just had and update on him from his family:

I've been meaning to write you all for some time and let you know how Joffrey is doing.
Well, I changed his name to Rudy aka Little Ru and he is doing great!
He is such a happy and loving little guy and also incredibly mischievous! 
He loves being up high and at human eye level and will jump up to whatever I am doing.
He has become very vocal and chats with me.
He loves to sit in the window in the morning and look out at the street and especially the birds and squirrels.
And he is the only cat on earth that thinks that the vacuum is a toy!
All in all, I love him!! 
Here are a few photos...      Happy Holidays!"

Striker Checks In!!

Striker's family has sent us an update:

"This handsome creature has been part of my feline family for 6 years on February 11 of next year.
The one cat I had, his name was Zach. Zach showed him where the litter boxes and food dishes were and made it a point that Striker was welcomed
He's an affectionate cat when I'm up in my loft watch tv he's either fully or partially on my lap. He plops upon my lap when I'm on the computer.
He has a good appetite and I notice when he's stretched out and sleeping that he's slightly over weight but he's healthy; my veterinary clinic had a photo contest where I sent a photo of him and I won.
The last photo is the one I won the contest with.
The name of the photo, "Now that was tasty!"

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Ember and Copper Have Settled In Nicely!!

We've just had an update from their adoptive family:

"My wife and I adopted Copper and Ember.
They are doing fine. The vet checked them out they got a clean bill of health.
Again, thank you for your help.
These two little fur balls are so loving, and affectionate.
Thank you "

Here's A Happy Ending / New Beginning For Cullen (Hendricks)!!

We've just had an update from Hendrick's (formerly known as Cullen) family.
"Just a update on this wonderful boy.
He has settled in amazingly well (even from day one) and he continues to be outgoing and talkative...
We adore him !!

Wishing everyone at Abbey cats a great holiday season

Debbie & Joe"

Franny's (Formerly Nickel) Loving The New Ikea Chair

Hey guys,
Just wanted to share a new picture of Franny...who seems very fond of the new Ikea chair in my living room.
Here I was thinking I bought it for me!
She's a beauty she is, and a remarkably sweet little girl...we're all doing fine.
Best of the season to you, from me and Franny... 

Franny's father has also shared info for his next concert (as he put it, "..a musician has to self-promote!")
So in case there are any cat-loving jazz aficionados out there, his jazz trio (piano/bass/drums) is called the Calico Trio (yes, because of Nickel!), and they're performing in the west-end in 'the Junction' area, at LA REV, on Saturday, December 9th, 8:00pm-11:00pm.
LA REV is a Mexican restaurant with a very active program of live jazz performances...they are at 2848 Dundas. St. West, just east of Keele.
Here is a link to his latest CD, which came out in October, where you can listen to sample tracks to see if it's your cup of tea.

An Update on Sparta and Goderich!!

Hello Everyone,
Just thought everyone would like to know that that the kittens are doing great!
We renamed them Gracie and Milo!
They weren't shy at all when we brought them home and they've explored every inch of the house.
They love to cuddle and give kisses!
Thank so much to everyone and Ciara you did such an awesome job with them!
They're a pleasure to have and they fit right in with us and our personalities!
I've attached some pics and I'll send more as they grow!
Thanks again to everyone we're so happy!

Shay and Quinn Are Two Years Old!!

Can you believe these cuties turn two today?
They are such a joy in my life!
Shay is a total love bug, so chatty, gorgeously fluffy, and super smart.
The other day I heard something fall out of the ceiling and discovered Shay wearing insulation pantaloons (after she broke into a sealed cupboard and moved the wooden cover into the attic).
Quinn is an independent boy who loves to head butt and get head kisses, is so silky soft, and has the tiniest squeak of a meow that is ridiculous given how big he is.
Their "older" sister still has mixed feelings especially as Quinn still loves to whack her on the butt.
I love them and they make me laugh every day!
Attached are a couple of pictures.

Kieran and Maeve Check In!!

Update on Kieran (on left) and Maeve (on right).
Both kittens have been with us now for 10 weeks and are growing up so fast.
Both have bonded well with every family member.
Kieran is now known as Tomy and loves to play and cuddle with anyone on the couch.
Maeve is known as Sofi now.
She is a really cuddle bunny and will spend hours on her new mommy’s lap.
Sofi follows her mommy every where and will cry if she can’t find her. Both do almost everything together, even go to the litter box! Thank you Abbey Cat Adoptions for letting us add these two amazing kittens to our family.

It's Been A Year Since They Were Adopted!! An Update On Boz and Piper!!

Hello Everyone at Abbey Cats!!
It has been a year since we adopted Boz (formerly Van Dyke) and Piper (formerly Valkyrie), and they are still the center of our universe. Both cats have flourished, albeit in different ways.

Boz is president of the social committee and has yet to meet a human that he doesn't like. He often thinks he's a human. He's head of the playtime committee too, and sometimes it seems that his batteries will never run out of power. Whether he's playing with pens, paper balls, wrestling, chasing his sister, or crowding his parents as they sleep, he's always in the middle of everything.

Piper prefers the finer things in life, especially cuddles. She likes to be the center of attention, but she does it more quietly than her brother. She loves blankets of all sorts and she can be a real purr monster when her dad is working or when her parents are relaxing at the end of the day. She's queen of the cat castle and she's the silent ruler of the household. We think she is part monkey because she climbs everything she can, but we love her for it. She's our little angel.

Although they are different cats, they still love each other tremendously. They still cuddle like they did when they were kittens, they love to hang out in the window together, and they love to wrestle. They clean each other and watch out for each other.

They were a bonded pair before they were adopted, and nothing has really changed. They've just added two humans to the bond. We're glad they chose us.

Look Who's Sent Us An Update!!

Oskar and Macron's mom has sent us this sweet picture of the boys cuddling!!

It looks as if they've become even better buddies!!

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Dorian and Casanova Check In!! 
(Previously Known As Balfour And Cassini)

We've had another update from the kitties' family:
adopted two male kittens last December.
We renamed them Dorian and Casanova. They are biological brothers.
They just turned one year old and thought I’d send you a little update.
We are so thankful to have gotten them from you.
They are much bigger now and just a joy to be around.
They are very happy and loveable cats."

Within 24 Hours Cochrane And His "Brother" Became Best Buds!!

It didn't take long for these kitties to become friends!!

Mab and O'Keefe Are Now Lillie and Tiger!!

We've just heard from Mab and O'Keefe's adoptive parents:
"I thought I'd send a picture as the kitties reach 15 weeks. They are growing like mad! I think they won't be kittens any more by Christmas.
These cats were sent by God I am sure. I've never owned better. If I'd sent in a list of what I wanted I would be happy now.

They are SO BONDED that you never see one alone. Billy said last night "Instead of looking for one, we always have to look for two".
The Kittie in the foreground is Lillie."

We've Just Heard From Some Abbey Cat Alumni!!

A number of years ago I adopted two cats from Abbey Cat Adoptions. A mother and her kitten.
At the time, the kitten was named Shania. We changed her name to Tao.
Shen is her mom.
This duo has been a joy to have around our home.
Tao is commonly referred to as "the dog". Much like a dog, Tao is easily trained, comes when called, and has a distinct liking for my husband.
Shen is definitely in charge around here. She demands her daily brushing, specific Wellness cat food, and her favourite chair.
They are both my constant companions during the day and night.
We love our fur babies! Thanks for bringing them into our lives.

Beau's (Formerly Known As Brophy) Mom Has Sent Us An Update!!

Dear Abbey Cat Adoptions...
I am overwhelmed by emotion + happiness with the addition of a new furry member in my family... brophy... (newly named beau) is such a beautiful sentient being... so affectionate and loving... i'm sooo in love with him already... 

I'd like to thank everyone involved with Abbey Cat Adoptions... you are all very special people... bless you all for caring and giving and help so much to save lives... you make this world a better place...

I've attached pics of beau in his new home (which i like to call the franktuary)... he's fitting in like the laid-back beautiful little black lion king that he is... morticia is cautious and hissing a little understandably... but she's already tolerating being in the same room and letting him know she's still queen... I've attached a pic of their recent staring match... they just sat there looking at each other for the longest time... all good... i'll send pics of their relationship progress...

Thank you all again, sooooo very much!
(((((hug))))) Francesca

Rohan And Lebowski's Family Has Sent Picture Of Their Boys

As you can see they are getting bigger and crazier by the day ....

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We've Just Had An Update From Sven and Tobias's Family!

We just wanted to send a note thanking so much for all you do.
We adopted two brothers from you just a few months ago, and they are already happy and active members of our family.
They're just about 6 months old now and it feels like we've had them forever.

Bagheera (Sven) is a big boy, elegant and reserved, but when he wants to, is a snuggle master.
Mowgli (Tobias) is much smaller than his brother but is brave and interested in everything.
He likes to suck on your finger while he falls asleep in your lap.

They love cuddling with each other, 'synchronized sleeping' and playing with all the baby toys scattered around the house.
Our son is just about to turn one and the three of them love to play together - and by that I mean it's mostly our son chasing the cats as they play with his toys.

Here are some pictures of the boys for you.
And thank you again. They're so wonderful and we couldn't be happier.

An Update From Macron and Oskar's Family!

I have been fostering with Abbey Cats for a short period of time when Macron and after Oskar were brought to my house. Macron was wondering streets alone when he was a very small kitten and Oskar, along with his five siblings, was abandoned by their mom on the side of the road. I took care of them as any other kitten that I fostered and wasn't aware at a time that they will end up staying with me for forever.

Shortly after arrival Macron got very sick. Veterinarian conclusion was that he has a neurological problems due to some sort of infection and this is why his limbs stop functioning properly. Macron wasn't able to walk on his own to a litter box and food plate, so I was carrying him around. He was given medication every day and we all hoped for the best.
And best happened! Macron start feeling better and better and after some time he became very happy, very affectionate and smart kitten. He even fetches a ball like a dog!

Oskar and his siblings were the smallest kittens I have fostered. They was learning how to walk and couldn't eat on their own, so I was bottle feeding them. Oskar was missing his mom the most, so Macron took the mom duties and start taking care of Oskar. They became close friends very fast.

Macron is very loyal and follows me everywhere I go to make sure he is not missing anything important in my life. Oskar loves all people and snuggles with every friend who visits our house.
Often I look at them and wonder what would happen if they continue life outside. Would they survive? I think everyone should adopt instead of buying from breeders because "saving one animal will not change the world but surely for that one animal the world will change forever".

Hogarth's Family Checks In!!

We've just received this wonderful update from one of our earliest adopters:

"Hi Abbey Cats!

Just wanted to let you know that almost 15 years later, the cat we adopted from you is still with us, and living a happy life as a member of our family. 
In fact, as sure as Hogarth is concerned, he's the pack leader in this house! 
We can't imagine having a better pet. 
You helped us make such a great match with this tabby all those years ago, and we wanted to reach out and thank you. 
He was joined by another Abbey cat adoptee about 13 years ago, Kramer, and their brotherhood usually results in nights snuggled together. 
They even love the dog!     Thanks for all you do!               The Gallagher Family"

Remember Hammet and Cossette?

We've just had an update from their adoptive mom:
"I adopted two cats through your organization a year ago New Years Day.
Their names were and still are Hammet and Cossette.
Hammet is a ginger male. Cossette is a female tortie.
They are both longish hair.
I just wanted to let you know that they are both doing amazing in our very loving home.
Hammet is very interactive, much like a dog's nature.
Cozy, as we call her, sticks to herself more but has always allowed our children to pick her up/cuddle her etc...
Hammie prefers adults but likes to sleep at the foot of the kids beds."

An Update From Prada and Sylvi!!

We've just had an update from the girls' mom:
"Thanks so much to all of you for your advice and input! I really appreciate it
They've both come so far already and I only expect that will improve with time.

I've attached a photo of them from yesterday
- as you can see, they are the best of buddies :)

Overall they've settled in amazingly well.
They are currently napping together on my lap and have made themselves right at home.
They get along very well and spend all their time together."

Another Match Made In Heaven!!

Here's an update from Estrella's mom:
 "I am about to celebrate my three month anniversary with the best cat in the world! 
Estrella chose me when I went to an Abbey Cat foster home to adopt another cat. 
While the other cat hid, Estrella came to me for a pat, and we fell in love very quickly! 
She walked into my cat carrier and has been my constant, loving companion ever since. 
Estrella has SO many talents -  she is a top-notch Shiatsu Therapist, an amazing athlete (the heights to which she jumps when we play with the Cat Dancer astonish me), and she even makes party decorations by neatly shredding tissue paper from unwrapped gifts!

I have already made eight videos of Queen E doing various things and am thinking of hosting a Feline Film Festival with Estrella as the STAR * " 
One such video can be seen here: "We Can Share An Apple"

It Didn't Take Monty Long To Settle In!!

We've just heard from Monty's dad who wanted us to know:

"Only one week later and Monty has fully integrated into the family life at his new home.
He's still busy exploring all the nooks and crannies; usually in the middle of the night.

He and Sasha are good buds and eat out of side by side food bowls.
He only steals food when Sasha isn't looking!

He's becoming as bold as brass.
He even helped with the vacuuming today.

He's a very loving kitty and just soaks up attention.
My older cat Sasha is the happiest I've seen since he lost his brother in April; so we're so thankful for that as well."

Monty came to Abbey Cats as a very shy and timid young man, and blossomed into this very loving and sociable cat thanks to his amazing foster mom!

Gilly (Now Known As Shilo) Checks In

Just to give you an update... Shilo (that's her new name because she's exotic) is settling down really well.
She's getting on with the dog and is investigating eve

An Update On Baby Bristol (now grown up cat known as Alfie)

Here's a message from his new family:

"When I picked up Bristol he was such a baby! He is such a big boy now and best friends with his brother Chen. Bristol is now named Alfie.





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Tazia and Leif

The kittens are adjusting very well to their new home. They're fearless little explorers as well as super affectionate.

They start purring instantly when touched, and sometimes the purrs seem to go on forever! 

They're both eating well and using the litter box by themselves with no accidents so far.



 It Didn't Take Cleo and Indy Long To Settle In!!

In less than a week of their adoption, we've just had this wonderful update on the bonded pair:

"I thought I'd send you a little update about Indy & Cleo, both of whom have adjusted to our home remarkably well -- in fact, they have settled in
even better than we could have hoped for.

After hiding under our bed for a few hours when we first got home, Cleo was eventually tempted to venture out when I produced a few of her toys.
She warmed up very quickly after that and started following me around, wanting to be petted, twining around my legs and nudging me. A little while later, Indy came out and the two investigated everything. Indy has since warmed up as well and seeks to be petted by every member of the family.
Both are happy, affectionate pets, and much to our surprise, that first night they both slept on our bed with us at different times throughout the night and have done every night since

Our bedroom has enormous windows overlooking the front of the house where the sun comes in, so we put a large, overstuffed armchair facing the windows with a pillow and blankets on it, and I would say it is their favourite spot. Cleo likes to sleep on the pillow, and Indy on the back of the chair.
Today Cleo partially pushed the pillow aside and fell asleep in the little space she created. They also both like to sit on the windowsill and look out the window at birds, squirrels, cars and raccoons!

Indy has decided he is my writing companion. When I sit down at my computer he curls up on the desk next to me on a shawl I've folded up for him.
He is curled up here now, gently snoring. We have found both cats to be very affectionate, both purring, and seeking attention. Sometimes Cleo puts her paws on my knees when I sit down and she “talks” to me. I woke up this morning to find her curled up at my feet, and when my alarm went off she came and nudged my cheek with her nose so I would pet her. We got them a couple of new beds but for now they prefer blankets. They like their food, so we'll probably try to keep them on that, and they both like Temptations although Indy is quick to steal the ones meant for Cleo! Now we give Cleo her treats across the room so she can eat them before Indy gets to them.

We already feel like we've had Cleo and Indy for longer than we actually have. We all love them very much, and are so happy they have joined our family.
Thank you so much for bringing them into our lives, and for facilitating the adoption.

 A Happy Home with Surabi and Rhoswen!

Here's a message from their new family:

"Surabi and Rhoswen are now 9 months and still as active as ever. 
They have endless toys and play all day. 

They greet me at the door when I come home and enjoy lots of cuddles and kisses."  

An Update On Dorian and Casanova!! 
(Previously Known As Balfour And Cassini)

We've just received an update and pictures from the boys' family.
"I just wanted to give you an update on our two precious little boys.
They are doing incredibly well.
They are very energetic and playful, they love their toys and to run around and chase each other.
They are so loving, they adore cuddles and beg to be pet. Especially Dorian, he loves our attention.
He is very talkative, loves to walk around talking to us.
Casanova is a little more shy but still as sweet.
They are now four months old and within the next few weeks we will take them to be neutered.
Here are some updated photos if you wanted.
Thank you again for everything!"

Remember Veluntina? Here's An Update From His Family!!


"We are thrilled with our newest family member, he fits in perfectly and always makes us smile and laugh.
Abbey cats was a great help and we were very impressed with the pet foster homes.
Way to go Abbey cats! Thanks for helping us rescue this lil guy.
So happy to have him in our family. He has his forever home."

Evie (Jenna) Checks In!!

We've just received an update from Evie's mom:

"I just wanted to send a quick update on Jenna (who we have renamed Evie)

She seems to be settling in well. She's been exploring her new home and has already made the couch her new favourite place to relax and look out the window. 
Evie does still hide sometimes when she gets startled, but she is slowly coming out of her shell.
She loves to cuddle and get pets, she loves chasing paper balls around, and she likes to follow and mimic her brother, Marco.
Marco was a bit apprehensive of her at first, but he is warming up to her :).

We absolutely love Evie and are so happy she is part of our family.
Thank you so much to you, Stephanie, and Abbey Cats for taking such good care of our girl, and for allowing us to give her a forever home." 

  Pekoe (Shumen) And Earl (Wolfcot) Have Sent Us An Update!!

The boys' mom has sent us pictures and an update:
Good morning! Hope all is well!

I wanted to give you an update on Shumen and Wulfcot. We renamed from Earl and Pekoe (after the teas) :).
They are doing so well! They love wrestling all day and taking naps together.
Earl is extremely curious and keeps us on our toes, while Pekoe is far more easy going, loves to nap and cuddle.
We are so happy to have them in our home!
I'm attaching some photos for you.
I started an Instagram page for them as well, please follow if you like!

Ginessa and Janze Have Only Been In Their Forever Home For A Few Days,
But They Sure Look Comfortable!!

We've just had a note and pictures from their mom:

"The kittens are doing great! Feeling cozy already at home and playing like there's no tomorrow!
Eating and drinking well and keeping me up all night with their games :)

Thank you again for bringing them into our lives!"

Franny's (Formerly Nickel) Father Has Shared This Beautiful Painting and Update!!

This beautiful painting of Franny, was done by Franny's "aunt" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(She takes commissions to paint pet portraits from any photo you provide, in acrylic on canvas).

This is the update from Franny's "father":

"Franny is awesome, and seems to thrive as the lone cat in the household (my brown tabby Hazel passed last July).
She continues to remind me a bit of a dog, in that she really likes to be with me, wherever I am in the house, and literally follows me around and settles in wherever I happen to be.
She is very vocal too in asking for things...like a treat, or her squeaky mouse, and I always know what she is asking for.
Her latest funny quirk is that, despite having 2 bowls of water in the house that are filled fresh daily (and that she drinks from regularly), she also loves to lick the water off the edge of the bathtub after I've taken a shower.
She waits outside the bathroom door, and as soon as I open it, she announces herself vocally, jumps up on the tub and starts licking the moisture off the rim of the tub.
Strange, wonderful girl.
She also really loves having her chest and belly rubbed, and when I massage her ears/face she is in purring heaven.
The day I connected with her through you guys was a lucky one for us both...thank you again."  

An Adoption Success!!

Lucinda's new parents dropped us a line to let us know how she's settling in in her new home. This is what they had to say:

Hello ladies,

Hope this note finds you all well.

Just a quick update to let you know that things are going very nicely with our new family member, whose name we've shortened to Lucy... But Jack has sometimes been calling her Mademoiselle Lucy (he totally adores her).

She's been quite a shy and nervous little soul the first few days but is definitely coming along. She's eating and drinking normally and using her litter box perfectly.

I think she's thoroughly enjoying her evenings with us, as she comes to the sofa looking for petting and affection. And as soon as we pet her, she climbs into our laps and purrs like mad! Then after some petting, she settles beside one of us to groom herself.

She also has been enjoying playing with her cat toys. And she seems very happy to sit on the desk at our front window and watch what's happening outside.

She really is such a sweet and lovely girl and we're so happy to have her in our lives. We'll update you again in a week or two to let you know how things are progressing.

Best wishes for a happy 2017! 

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Widget (Formerly Known As Vianne) Has Started To Settle In!!

It was a bit of a rocky start for Widget in her new home as neither she nor her two feline sisters knew what to make of the altered living arrangements.
After a couple of weeks, everyone started to feel a bit more comfortable and now that it's past the one month anniversary of her arrival, Widget has made herself right at home.

While no one is cuddling up to each other (yet) it's still early days and her mom is confident that one day soon the three girls will become the best of buddies.

Gianna's Looking Very Comfortable In Her New Home!!

Banyon and Brianna Are Settling In Nicely To Their New Home!!

And even making some new friends..

Ginger's New Mom Checks In!!
I've attached a few of the pictures we have do far.
She's settling in well and is slowly warming up to the other cat.
Ginger loves playing with her new toys and sitting on the couch with us while we do homework and studying.
She's very talkative and enjoys getting pet.
We are very happy to have her here and love her already.

Ydris and Urzig's Family Has Sent Us An Update!!

Hi! Just wanted to give you an update on ydra and urzig, now renamed Mr. Meowgi and Blackie Chan! 
They have brought such fun and joy into the home life, even my son who's a young adult loves coming home to hang out with the cats.
Big sister Zoey is still wondering at times why they are here but the rest of the time is spent playing tag with them all around the house.
Mr. Meowgi and Blackie Chan are officially 5 months today and are about 6 pounds each, although Mr. Meowgi is on the heavier (and larger!) side.
They'll be getting spayed and neutered soon.

We will check in again soon! See the attached pix of them almost all grown up.

 An Update From Isolde and Earl Grey!!

They are both doing great - its been almost six months now and they have really settled into their furever homes.

Isolde sleeps cuddled on my chest at night with Earl nearby in his basket.
They love their cat tree and are very playful always getting into something i.e. the bathtub… and are always nearby one of us..
We took them both off dry food at the vets advice and Earl is now down to a healthy weight (he was a little chubby before) which has given him away more energy to play with his sister.
They love to roll on the floor and have their tummies rubbed and are constantly purring.

An Update From Amel and Bishop's (Oscar and Oliver) New Family

These adorable little kittens have filled our home with so much love and fun.
We are over the top happy with these new additions to our family!
We have so many photos we could share but for now I will send these ones and more could follow if you have space on your website!!!
Happy Holidays from Marie, Michael and our kittens
Oliver and Oscar!


Amelie and Taja's (Now Lily And Luna) Mom Has Sent Us An Update On The Girls!!

Celebrating, 3 weeks with Lily and Luna, they are 3 months old today.

They are developing quite distinctive personalities, Luna being a little more laid back, kneading, purring and sweet little vocalizations.
Lily is not as vocal, but is purring and the first to greet us when we come home.
Both "sisters" get the "Zips" where they tear around the house at lightning speed.
What joy they have brought to our home.

Charleston (Oliver) and Corday (Mabel) Check In!!

Just wanted to give you an update on Charleston and Corday!
Our home has changed so much since these two have joined us.
Corday (aka Mabel) loves snuggling with her friend Harlow, the service Great Dane.
Charleston (aka Oliver) sits in the office chair and conducts business with loud meows.
They love to birdwatch and constantly chase each other around the home.
They prefer our kitchen chairs over their new cat condo, of course!
We are so grateful for the hard work you do and we will continue to spread the word of this amazing organization!


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Do You Remember Caspian? Here's An Update On Him!!

Leslie and I couldn't be more in love with our beautiful boy Caspian.
Although it was a VERY rocky beginning, for the most part the past 3 months with him have been stellar.
Caspian has gone from a shy boy and has turned into a cuddly, happy, intelligent cat!
He loves treats, laser pointers, and being petted, and gives us plenty of head bobs and kitty kisses in return.
We could not be more happy with him....and everyone always comments on how gorgeous of a cat he is ??.
Thank you so much for giving us our sweet boy!


We've Just Had An Update From Jake and Mazey's New Family!

"Hi everyone and thanks for all you did to get Jake, Mazey and myself together.
We arrived home about 1030 pm. One big slowdown at Coburg so we went off the 401 to hwy 2 for a while.

The kids spent the night lying at the door we came in. Only one cat (Thornby) has come out to meet the kids and he did some growling but nothing else.
This morning Jake and Thornby are sitting with me on the sofa and touch noses.
Mazey is still lying at the door most of the time. They can't get enough of the outdoors.
As I try to figure out their cues for needing to go outside and wanting to, I respond to all possible cues so we went outside only 3 times during the night.
They cannot get enough of the outdoors and Jake has started marking every tree and blade of grass.
They met the horses through the fence this morning and the horses were more interested in them than they were of the horses.
They ran free in the fenced backyard and chased each other for awhile.
Jake and Thornby are lying at my feet as I type this. I think we have a new friendship.
Hopefully Mazey will like one of the other cats - when they honour us with their presence.
I promise the kids will have a good life here - you can rest assured. Thanks again everyone and Merry Christmas!!

An Update on Lamorna and Megavissey!! 

Here are two photos of the kittens.  We named them Cleo (tabby) and Shiloh (torty). 

They seem to be loving our place, and the shy one (conveniently named Shiloh) has come out of her shell.
She’s not always a lap cat, and is more quiet and contemplative, but she does purr a lot and will sit on a lap when she feels like it!
Cleo, the striped one, is a maniac, and more affectionate. They’re a pretty good balance of each other.

They are increasingly getting along with Arnold, our dog, such that he and Cleo were playing a version of hide and go seek this morning, which was adorable.
They are crazy and funny and energetic and we love them immensely.

Clementine and Midnight's Family Checks In!

Thank you to everyone at Abbey Cats, especially Cindy and Susan, for introducing our family to our newly-adopted kittens, Clementine and Midnight
(formerly Tarquinn and Aillagon).
While we don't know their whole history, we do know that they were fostered by Susan after being found in a shed,
and have adjusted wonderfully to coming and living with our family!
Both kittens are wonderful playmates for each other as well as for our kids (5 and 7 years).
They love to cuddle up after playing -- in a lap, their favourite blanket, in a drawer, or under a couch.
And both are purring machines!
We have quickly become a family of 6 and couldn't be happier!!!

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Sara and Pouncer Have A New Home!!

Sara and Pouncer were delivered to their new home this afternoon.
Within five minutes of arrival they had already made friends with the resident cat - not a hiss, not a growl - it was almost like they had always lived there!

After exploring their new home and finding things to their liking, Pouncer promptly jumped up on the bed, stretched out and started kneading the blanket to show his new mum he was a happy boy. 

Sara decided the middle of the floor was a good place for a nap so she stretched to full length, rolled around a bit till she was comfortable and proceeded to take a nap.

Their new mum has commented on how good their condition was - bright eyes and VERY soft fur.
It was truly amazing to see how quickly Pouncer and Sara settled in.

Welcome to to your new home!


An Update From Zephyr's Family!!

We have had Zephyr for over a month now and wanted to give you an update for the website.

Zephyr is so sweet and lovely and has added so much joy to our home.
We liked her name but she has become very chatty which has earned her the nickname Miakos.
She loves to play with her toys and cuddle as much as she can.
She instantly was so affectionate and trusting and has even allowed me to clip her claws.
We are so pleased with the process at Abbey Cats and I think we set a record for shortest adoption time!
Thank you for all of the support in getting Zephyr to us.

It Looks Like Jubilee Has Settled Right In!!

Jubilee has only been in her forever home for a few days, but it sure looks like this match was meant to be.
Here's an update and some pictures from her permanent person:

"Just wanted to let you know my new kitty and me are in love! We are a purrfect match! She's so sweet and amazing!
Thanks so much!"

An Update From Boz (Vandyke) and Piper's (Valkyrie) Humans!!

It's been almost a month since we brought our two sweethearts home so I thought I'd give you an update and send you a few pictures :)

These two made themselves right at home and, of course, have Chris and I wrapped around their little paws.
They always greet us at the door...it's the best thing to come home to!
Piper loves snoozing on our kitchen chairs and in shoe boxes, climbing anything and everything, and pouncing on her brother whenever he takes a snooze. She's grown a little but she's still a small girl...and still has those big gorgeous eyes that make you melt!
She was pretty shy at first but now she's incredibly social and loves meeting people whenever we have friends or family over.

Boz is a chatterbox and has ever grown. When he isn't running around playing, he's snuggling with us or his sister. He also demands attention and loves everyone! This boy doesn't have a shy bone in his body...he even snuggled right up to our vet.
He's the most easy going cat around.

They both have a favourite spot: the window. They can stare out that thing for hours watching the leaves move in the wind and the squirrels run around. They've even developed quite the reputation with our neighbours. I'm always hearing "Awwww they're so cute! I love them" whenever people pass by our window.

They're so perfect. Adopting these two sweeties has been the best experience :)


Davos' Family Has Sent Us Some Wonderful Pictures!!

My little man!! Thank you for rescuing my little guy. 

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Remember Janelle? She's Now Known As Katie!

We've just had an update from her adopted Mom!!
"8 years later and still totally in love. She gives the best cuddles!
Thank you Abbey Cat Adoptions for bringing Katie into our lives! Her name when she was being fostered was Janelle.
She was born in the freezing temperatures of January in a drain pipe in 2009. 
You guys saved her life!
I remember when we visited her foster home, she was a little puff ball thankful to be alive.
She was playing and rolling around on the floor. There was no way we were going home without her"

Shay and Quinn's One Year Check In

Can you believe that Shay and Quinn turn one today? Officially adults!
So many milestones over the past year, including now starting to push back when my older cat gets whacky;
and surviving being left in the capable hands of my pet sitter for 9 days while I was in Costa Rica.
They are a joy! Given the best start with their foster mom, they are outgoing and confident; never giving me any issues with the litterbox.
Shay loves her human with all her being and loves nothing more than to snuggle and knead at night.
Quinn likes his alone time at night, but when he does snuggle, he does it wholeheartedly.
They love to curl up on their cat tree and snooze or keep a watch out for squirrels and birds.
Still full of energy, they play at full speed, racing up and down the 3 flights of stairs chasing each other, sounding like a heard of rampaging elephants.
I absolutely adore them and would recommend Abbey Cats any day!
Thank you for all your support over what was a very difficult integration with my resident cat. She doesn't love them but finds them interesting from afar.
Every month she gets a little less hissy (although Quinn doesn't endear himself to her by insisting on whacking her on the arse a dozen times a day).

Here's a before and after picture...

Zephyr Has Settled In To Her New Home Nicely!!

This adorable little mama who's not much more than a kitten herself didn't take long to settle in to her permanent home and discover her play side.
She's certainly not camera shy!!


Remember Surabi and Rhoswen?

They are now five months old. Surabi is now known as Alpha and Rhoswen has been renamed Kayah
To quote their human "They have gotten so big and adorable not to mention spoiled. We love them so much."


Shay and Quinn's Eleven Month Check In

Only one month before these two are officially adults!
They are so much fun.
They rush down to join their older "sister" in welcoming me home every day and Jaimie sometimes allows Quinn to sniff her face.
But only sometimes. Of course he doesn't help his case by whacking her on the butt a dozen times a day!
She does NOT appreciate that and I don't blame her.

Shay is SO chatty and loves her human. They are all sleeping on the bed together but Jaimie insists on having some personal space.
She has come a long way though from making it impossible to leave them alone with her.

Here are some photos attached (Shay and Quinn then Jaimie and Shay).



Remember Sonnet? She's Now Known As Stacie!

We adopted Sonnet in January.
We renamed her Stacie after adopting her.
I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great with us and that we are so thankful for her and love her so much.
She gained weight after coming to us and is now a healthy weight (she was a bit underweight when we got her).
Her fur has grown too and she is quite long haired now. She is so cute and cuddly and very sociable.
She loooves to get her tummy rubbed!! 

Thank you again for letting us adopt her and for the work you are doing rescuing cats.
It's beyond my comprehension that someone was thinking of euthanizing this beauty.

Shay and Quinn's Ten Month Check In

Can you believe that they are 10 months old today?
Both are still fascinated with their older "sister", Jaimie, and she is tolerating them with only some hissing, growling and whacking.
Quinn was beside himself with happiness when she let him sit next to her for all of a minute to look out the screen door. LOL!
They still can't be trusted with toilet paper, but are otherwise sweethearts.
Shay is a mommy's girl and Quinn is an independent boy who loves a snuggle and head kisses.

Here are some photos.


Remember JuJu?

Just thought I would email to let you know that JuJu (now known as Beverley Moonshoe) is doing wonderfully and I do not have allergies to him any more!
He is truly a great cat. I think he's settled in quite well, his coat looks shinier and I think he's a healthy weight (he loves his wet food that's for sure).



An Update On Urzah and Ydra


Hi, just wanted to give you an update on Ydra and Urzah, whom I adopted from Shauna.
We will be renaming them to something else but my son and I are still going back and forth on names.

They are doing really well, are good little eaters and have started to win over the resident cat (Zoey) and my visitor cat (Lychee, who has been around for a year but who will finally be going home).

Within hours my cats were curious to see who the little meows were coming from.
They are now integrated into the family home and taking in all the different sights and smells all while playing with each other, their humans and toys.

We also visited the vet this past Monday and discovered that Ydra is actually a boy! We have a nice little rounded out family?

See the attached photos of the 2 kittens. They're growing up fast and are almost at 3 pounds now.

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An Update From Sofie (previously spelled Sophie)

We are so grateful that Sofie has found her way into our lives. 
Playing and having fun are her main goals but at night, she loves to settle in and snuggle with us on the bed.
Still a kitten, and still relatively new to our home, she continues to be curious about her surroundings and loves to explore the house from top to bottom.     

She has boundless energy and will tip her toy basket over to get at her favourite playthings.
Sitting at the screen door, watching all the other animals, is another activity she thoroughly enjoys.
Once she's finished with all the activity, she is likely to crawl into a lap and accept some much-needed cuddles.
In the short time that she's been with us, Sofie has brought such joy and laughter into our days.
We are so happy with our new family member


Shay and Quinn's Ninth Month Check In

Good day, 
Thought you would enjoy seeing the progress that Jaimie has made in tolerating her younger siblings. She still shows them that she is The Queen of the House with hisses, whacks and growling but it is now only 50% of the time. LOL.

Quinn is still in love with her and follows her around until she boxes his ears.
Shay is still much more wary of her but likes to lie close to Jaimie and sits behind her in the tub while Jaimie drinks from the tap (until Shay cannot help but bat at Jaimie's flicking tail).
They also all survived being left alone for a weekend with a visit from the petsitter.
So lots of good progress and I love them so much.
They are hilarious.   

Suki (Formerly Flirt) Checks In

We've just had a wonderful update from Suki's mom:
"It's coming up to almost one year since I got Suki, and I thought I would drop you a line...
Everything is going very well with Suki.
We have bonded quite a lot and she is very close to me (literally sitting right next to the laptop as I write this).
She normally sleeps in my bed most nights, and hangs out near me, from room to room.  
I call her Miss Busy-body at times, as she loves running down the stairs, thumping down as I am about to leave somewhere, to see where I am going, or what I'm doing.
She is a pretty confident cat and her new favourite thing to do is greet me right at the door meowing loudly, and she occasionally likes to go out exploring in the hallways of the condo, but mostly only if I'm still at the doorway.
She is very playful and loves jumping really high to catch toys.. she loves when i throw things high up in the air and she jumps very high!
Suki has lost quite a bit of weight I think, and on her last vet check up she weighed in at 14lbs something, just under 15lbs.
The vet said she was "perfect" and "gorgeous".  
She is still quite mischievous, but overall a good cat."

Cheeto Has Settled In Nicely


It didn't take long for this cheeky lad to make himself at home.
Cheeto and his fur sibling Sophia formed an almost immediate bond, much to the delight of his new mom!
A big thanks goes out to Cheeto's foster mom who moved heaven and earth to make this perfect match happen!!




An Update On Geneva (now Nova) 


Just wanted to share a couple of pics of Geneva (or Nova as we call her).  
She has settled in very nicely.  
She naps with my daughter, chases flies and loves to bug “the lads” (her two new big brothers).  
Nova loves to be picked up and cuddled, does not protest at all when carried around the house in the crook of a little arm.
We are so happy she is a part of our family.

Remember Vivi?

Vivi (now know as Eevee) has settled in well with her new animal siblings.

Her family says she is a sweet and playful girl who sleeps with her human siblings every night.
She is not at all shy about claiming a good portion of the bed.


Shay and Quinn's Eighth Month Check In

Good day:

Shay (Jeffrey Ann) and Quinn (Marvin) are celebrating their 8 month birthday today if you can believe it.
They are full of hijinks and make me laugh every day.
Quinn's love for his older "sister" Jaimie, is still unrequited but he keeps trying to win her over. Jaimie still hisses, growls and whacks but she has greatly improved.
Quinn tries to play with her but she thinks he's attacking her. LOL.
The kittens are still best friends and love to hunt any spider or ant that makes it into the house.
The other day a little sparrow was flying along the edge of the sliding door to eat the insects, and suddenly Shay was spread eagled on the screen, eyeball to eyeball with the bird!
Shay literally FLEW threw the air. LOL.

Here are some recent photos.  
Hope you are all well.

  A Wonderful Update on Yin (now Jewles) and Yang (now Bangal)


“Five nights in and 1st full day at home with them today...
Wanted to update you on Yin & Yang's transition to their forever home.

One word: LOVE!

THEY LOVE it here!
They LOVE EACH OTHER- clearly, they had to placed together AS YOU STATED... Exactly what I was looking for!!!!”

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Spring Is Settling In To Her New Home Beautifully!!


Spring was extremely shy when first adopted, but with love, patience and perseverance
she has made tremendous gains in only a week


Shay and Quinn's Seven Month Check In


Good day:

Cannot believe that  Shay (Jeffrey Ann) and Quinn (Marvin) will be seven months old tomorrow!
The time has just flown by.
They have settled in very nicely and love looking out the screens at the world.
Quinn has taken to jumping up on the counter to tap my arm when he needs a couple of head kisses while I am washing the dishes. Shay is a love sponge who wakes up at 4 in the morning to flop on my chest for half an hour of belly rubs.
Their older "sister" still hisses loudly and whacks them but they are getting closer and she has sniffed them a couple of times so baby steps.
Shay and Quinn are still super sweet together. Best friends who love to snuggle in their cat tree basket (even though it is a much tighter squeeze these days) and race around playing.
Shay is very chatty and trills versus meowing while Quinn either silent meows (when snuggling on me) or has a high pitched and demanding meow when he wants attention once in a while.
I have attached a couple of photos.

All the best,


An Update On The Greys

We've just had some pictures and an update on these gorgeous grey siblings (Earl Grey and Isolde).

"They are settling in pretty well.. full of energy….running around the house causing trouble lol... very affectionate.
They still aren’t eating as much as we would like but are monitoring that with the vet"



Remember Hobbs?

He's now known as Moe, and we've just received this update from his mom."
A little update on Hobbs (now Moe) after 3 months.
Definitely settled in and enjoying the snuggles.
Still learning the art of personal space, but his big brothers are trying to teach him everything they know!"







Chessie (Duchess) and Sophie (Anemone) Check In

I just wanted to let you know how the 2 cats are doing.
Both cats are doing really well.
Duchess is now Chessie and Anemone is Sophie.
They both spend a fair bit of time with us and ask repeatedly for tummy rubs.
Both of them will come up into our laps occasionally.
They are still frightened of other people but I think that will take a long time to change.
They seem quite happy and play together a lot at night.
Because of dental problems the veterinarian has changed their diet and while Chessie eats very well, she has lost a fair bit of weight and is no longer grossly overweight. She is far more active now.
Sophie has put on a little weight and no longer looks so gaunt. She has always been very active.

We are extremely happy with them and very grateful to have been able to have gotten them through you.

Many thanks and all the best,


Shay (formerly Jeffrey Ann) and Quinn (formerly Marvin)


Good day:
Can you believe that the kittens are six months old today?
They are huge! Quinn is the same height as their older "sister", Jaimie, but very lean and muscular.
Shay's tail is super fluffy and she is incredibly acrobatic, leaping to the top of the fireplace and the china cabinet.
They are loving the cat tree that I bought them, as well as hanging out in front of the screen door, checking out the birds and squirrels.
Jaimie still growls, hisses and whacks them but with less malice and sometimes forgets to do it all together. She has made great strides though.
But they have negotiated a peace of sorts; for example, Shay sleeps next to my head, Quinn between my legs, and Jaimie against my foot.
They are a joy and I am so happy to have them here.

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Dali (formerly Pillar) and Nova (formerly Estrada)' s mom has sent us another update:


They are doing really well and have become big time cuddle monsters.
They often fall asleep on or beside me and their confidence is growing everyday.
They love playing with my iPad when I turn on the cat apps for them and love sitting on top of their cat condo.


Bear (formerly Tweed) and Skye (formerly Velvet)



Thought I would send you a quick update on our wonderful kittens that we adopted from Abbey Cats.
Bear and Skye (formerly Tweed and Velvet) are absolutely wonderful - they are the perfect fit for our family.
They were spayed a couple of weeks ago and everything went very well. They are both zooming around the house again as if nothing happened.
My teenage daughters love to cuddle the kittens and have them sleep in their rooms.
I wanted to thank you for your part in helping Bear and Skye find their forever home with us!

Skye is in front, Bear behind :)


Shay (formerly Jeffrey Ann) and Quinn (formerly Marvin)


Good day, Jan, Jill and Nicole:

Shay and Quinn are still growing like weeds and have both now had their surgeries (Shay last week as she went into heat early and Quinn today). They are a joy and both are super affectionate! I am positive this is because of the care their foster mom gave them. The vet said that she has never seen two more confident or sociable kittens. Shay loves to sleep at my head or curled up intertwined with Quinn. She is very chatty and doesn't like to be alone. Quinn is full of beans and is determined to get his older "sister", Jaimie, to play with him. Jaimie is still hissing, growling and spitting at them but with less and less gusto. They can also get closer to her. I would like to thank you all again for such a fabulous experience with Abbey Cats and I have recommended your organization many times now. Attached please find some photos - a couple of Shay and Quinn napping, and a couple where Quinn is trying to convince Jaimie to love him (or at least share her dinner).

All the best.

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Dali (formerly Pillar) and Nova (formerly Estrada)


Just one short day after going off to their new home, Dali (renamed because of his moustache) and Nova's Mom has sent us these pictures to let us know that they are setting in beautifully.

Franny (formerly Nickel)

We've just had another lovely note and picture from Franny's adoptive Dad.
Here's the latest on his sweet girl:

"Greetings all...it is hard for me to believe that in 2 days I will have had Franny for 7-months.
She is an absolute delight and I adore her.
She's playful, affectionate, funny, and she must like me because she follows me around the house and settles in wherever I am.
She sleeps on my bed now, every night, which is lovely.

Just wanted to share the below picture, taken tonight.
Thank you again for bringing sweet little Franny into my life."



Elena now Luna


I just thought I'd update you guys on Luna's (formerly Elena) progress.
She's warmed up to the whole family and loves belly rubs and sleeping on feet
She seems to have adjusted well and is doing good.
She also sits funny sometimes lol

Merriweather now Gemma


Hi Jan and Eyub!

Gemma has settled in so nicely. She isn't skitterish or afraid of things and her and my dog Jax get along great.
She is absolutely in love with Jax and follows him around everywhere meowing up a storm. She loves to lick his chest and nuzzle him endlessly.
They both sleep with me and my husband in our king bed every night.

I can't begin to tell you how much having Gemma has helped soften the sadness of losing our beloved pup of 16 years.
She's a big personality in a little body and that's just what our dog Maddie was so it's like having a little piece of her here with us still.

Thanks once again to your both for your help in bringing Gemma into our lives!


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Coriander and Boro now Cory and Simba


Just a quick update to let you know how well Cory and Simba are doing.
They are just the sweetest cats and we love them so much!
They are very social, both with us and each other.
Simba is more than 1 kg bigger than Cory but he's very gentle with her when they play.
Size notwithstanding, Cory is definitely the adventurous one. She comes running when ever she hears water running anywhere in the house.
Simba has a very loud purr and usually starts up the minute we approach, even before we pet him. He loves Charlotte so much that he often follows her from room to room.
Darcy is teaching them their names using liberal treats as reinforcements.
We just wanted to thank you again. This is such a wonderful service you provide.
We hate to think of either of them having been out on the street.


Jeffrey Ann & Marvin now Shay and Quinn



Kalysta and Jayla


About ten months ago I adopted Kalysta - a beautiful, long haired, silver rescue cat. I was a bit hesitant to go rescue as I've had lots of experience feeding feral cats and know building trust can be an issue.
Kalysta however is awesome. She is a purr machine, inquisitive, playful and a drop dead beauty queen. She of course, knows this!

Three months after Kalysta came on the scene, I adopted Jayla - another rescue.
She had had a rocky start - living outside for more than a year in downtown Toronto.
Abbey Cats rescued her and her kittens. It took a little time for Jayla to come into her own because she is a tiny girl who had to be hypervigilant to survive.
She is now totally loving and devoted to her adopted sister and to yours truly. Again, another awesome cat who brightens up my world with her funny antics.

Kalysta and Jayla are good buddies. I've always believed it's easier to have two animals because they keep each other company. This has certainly proven to be true once again.

There is much gratitude going around at my house these days. Kalysta and Jayla are grateful to have a forever home and I'm super grateful to have them in my life!


Prada now Kuro


It's coming up to a year since we got our cat Kuro (formerly Prada), so Fumi and I wanted to share some photos. Here she is checking out our rice harvest. We really love her and look forward to spending time with her in the evenings. She doesn't like to be picked up or held, but she loves to snuggle up and be petted or brushed and she's a good sport about having her nails trimmed. She almost always leaves us alone while we're sleeping and we'll often find her curled up at my feet or lounging beside us in the morning. Right now she is hanging out on the filing cabinet beside my desk, her new favourite spot. She's an office cat; loves the printer, but hates the vacuum cleaner. I even trained her to sit and be polite before she gets her food. You were right, she is a very nice cat.

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I thought you would like to know that Cree is doing very well here with us. She is such a sweetheart. She is happy, eating, playing, and telling Lucky (our other kitten) to bugger off! He loves her and is always jumping on her to play. It's hard to see Lucky behind Cree but she just went inside to cuddle with him :)


Just to update you on our little boy. He is doing great. Since Tuesday he has been coming out of the room (on his own initiative :)) and since Thursday he has been freely roaming around the house. He has been getting along very well with Beni and fine with Minnie. She has hissed few times at him but mostly when he has been getting into her food. He has also been great with the kids. Since yesterday it has felt as he has always been part of our family. He has fully adjusted and a lot quicker than what I had anticipated.

Nickel now Franny

Franny has completely made herself at home, and her and Hazel are now getting along well. They often sit a few feet apart, or play 'hide and seek' around a corner or on the other side of a door. They also call each other from different parts of the house...and Franny even comes up and nose-kisses Hazel now and then. Franny has a voracious appetite, eats everything I give her. She's very sweet, and becomes more affectionate by the day...when she lies down on the floor, she lets me pat her and massage her and she purrs. I'm waiting for the night she finally 'gets' that she can sleep on the bed with me and Hazel.


Kyrie and Lanaya
wanted to say Hi! They have adjusted well in their new home.:)



Hi All Nyles is growing fast. He is such a wonderful boy - affectionate, playful, curious and a great friend for Willow. Regards, Gary & Iris

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Concordia Jane & Belle

Hi Heather, I wanted to thank you and Abbey Cats for helping me in the adoption process and finding me the best two babies.
Both Belle and Rosie (Concordia Jane) are adjusting well to their new home.
They have brought so much joy to the family.


Gawain & Gareth now Thor & Loki

I just want to thank you how happy we are with the kittens. They already sleep with us every nite. My little girl is so happy.
However we had changed their names.
They are running around at 12:30 am having fun. They truly are bff/brothers.
Loki eats more soft food and Thor can't seem to get the knck of eating the soft food but still loves the hard food.
We love them. Thor loves kyla more and loki loves me more. Lol. They both love her dad.


Stanley now Bibby

Dear Abbey Cats: I am napping on the computer desk. Its sunny today.
My name is now Bibby and I have been at my new furrever home for a week now.
Lots of food, toys and cuddles. I even kissed Nancy today.
Everybody wants to meet me. The only thing I can't do is drink from the toilet.
I have landed in blissful catnip!


Dido now Emma 

Emma formally Dido enjoying her new home.



I just wanted to be in touch to let you know how much we love our snuggly Cordelia - she is a little princess with a big personality
She has really warmed up to us over the last month and a half and we couldn't be happier to have her around.
It is actually quite hard to imagine life without her.
She loves to watch movies with us, play with her feather wands and crinkle balls, and build a cozy nest to sleep in out of sweaters and blankets.
Thank you to you and Abbey Cats for being such a friendly organization and making the adoption process so easy.
I've attached a picture of Cordelia sleeping on her chair by the Christmas tree, and a few others.
Holly and Ryan

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In order to speed up the adoption process, please complete an online application as well as calling the phone line 416 284 2140
Leave a detailed voice message with the name of the cat you are interested in adopting, along with details of your current pet owning situation and previous history.

Please leave a daytime and evening phone number along with your email address and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

Need help finding the perfect fit for your family?

All of the cats under Abbey Cats care are in foster homes, where they receive one on one attention in a home environment.
Our adoption counsellors are familiar with each cat's unique needs and personalities
- please give us a call and we will be happy to help you find your match!

** Please note, due to the nature of our organization we are constantly rescuing new animals.
If there is a specific breed / age / gender that you are looking for, we encourage you to keep checking back.
Once a cat is ready for adoption, they will be posted on the website - we do not have waiting lists. **