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Update on Chima (Molly)

Hi All,

Chima (now Molly) is very happy ruling the roost in her new home with Jason, Kate and Mumford. Mumford and Molly play on the cat tree together, taking turns at the top. The bathroom is also a favourite hang out before nap time or tv time together on the couch.

We are so happy for all of them.




An update on Franny!

We just got a new picture of Franny enjoying her new home.



Roxy and Phantom

Hi All,

I am attaching a picture of Roxy (Hildy) and Phantom (Chip). It is hard to get both of them together in the same picture as they are always moving around.

There was a rabbit in the backyard which took their attention so I was able to get this shot. I hope the picture comes through okay. The two of them are the best of friends and get along amazingly well. They are such good, loving kittens (almost cats) and we love having them.

Thank you for helping us to adopt them.




Family Update for Lumi & Brillo!

Hello to everyone at Abbey Cats,

Writing to you to give you the happy family update for Lumi/Brillo (now Luna) and her brother Cardinal/Mohawk (now Picasso).

These siblings have come into our home and family without missing a beat and are happy and healthy. 

They are so well adjusted, we think, because they received such a good start with their cat mum and foster family. Thanks for that! They are playful and loving and cuddly and bring us joy every day. The kids are happy to care for and entertain them and patiently remove them from tables, plants, and wire-chewing activities about 1000 times a day. 

Here are some pics of them for you to share. We hope all are well - especially the kitten's mum and brother. 



All the best, 

Monica and family



Balthazar And Melchior Are Settling In!!

Hi All

It took a couple of days, but the boys are now racing around their room.

They have met the other cats, but so far it is only Ivy who has shown an active continuing interest in their presence and who seems not to intimidate Balthazar who is indeed a very skittish little man.

Melchior by contrast is 
rather unflappable - cool as a proverbial cucumber.
(Riley at least is no longer terrified by new kittens as he has been in the past).
We'll be letting them explore a bit more of the house soon while we supervise.

Thanks again!

Leon and Nina

Here's An Update On Dolce!!

Just wanted to update you! We decided to name her "Camber" she is doing great!
She has her own space in her large dog kennel set up for her in my room.
Doesn't mind the other animals at all!
I let her wanted my room this evening and she seems to be settling in quite well.
Eating and drinking great!

Here's a few photos.

Thanks for this sweet little girl!

Happy New Year From Flortine!!!
Hello Abbey cats and happy new year!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for connecting me with what's been the best addition to my year.

I adopted Mhysa (previously Flortine) on Valentine's Day 2019 and she's been nothing short of loving, affectionate and the sweetest friend. She's made the bad days so much better.

When I first adopted Mhysa she hid for 4 days under my couch. She would only come out at 5 in the morning (very discreetly) or when I was away. She was unbelievably skittish.
but then after two weeks she got used to me and that's where her personality became very apparent  mhysa is quiet, gentle and loving. She follows me around to every room and loves being pet. At first you couldn't pick her up or clip her nails but now the instant I go to lift her she starts purring and rubbing her head. She's chatty but her meow is adorable it's high pitched and sounds like a kitten.

She has also showed 0 aggression to me and friends, rather put a hand near her and 100% of the time she will start licking you. Mhysa is honestly the cutest ball of cotton who loves to play with the laser pointer or the wand or her fav is the pompoms with aluminum foil.

Everytime I go home I am welcomed by a happy kitty chirping and brushing against my leg. She is so much to me. Thank you ❤

Looks Like Charmaine Has Settled In!!!!


Charm is doing great and she’s found her own spot, as you can see.

Her and Charlie are not quite friends yet, but that’ll come along soon enough.

Charm is amazing, she comes running to me when I get home and starts purring even before I get to her, it’s wonderful.

She’s eating very well and using her litter box, very well.

Thank you for everything.


Here's An Update From Mauser's Humans!!

Hello Abbey Cats Adoption!

It's been well over half a year since we adopted Mauser, and I just wanted to send a huge thank you to all of you for bringing him into our life.

He has fully embraced us as his humans, and we him - with morning cuddles every day, a constant work buddy who sleeps beside or on our (entire) computers and hands, the loudest purrs, and the biggest, furriest, cuddliest, and most loyal and loving companion. 

Thank you, we couldn't imagine our home without him!

Mikaela and Aaron 

Mez's Family's Checking In!!

I wanted to take a moment to share a photo of our new family member, Mez.
She's as energetic as Usain Bolt!
Mez is super quiet, not shy, and loves to be petted. This is something we can supply in abundance!

So far there have been no human food theft attempts on her part, but she has already started her burglary of food from our current cat, Chole.
I think the two will get along just handsomely, as they already are.

Thank you so much for letting this little girl get a chance at life and long friendship with us.

It Hasn't Taken Biba Long To Make Herself At Home!!

Hey All,

Just wanted to give a little Day 1 update on Biba.

She’s settling in great, eating & using her litter box like a champ.

She’s a big fan of looking out the window, too.
Thank you for introducing us to each other, I love her so much.

Here are some pictures of her enjoying her forever home :)

I will send an update with more pics in a week or so.

Little Star Is Settling In With Her New Family!!

Hello All,

I hope you are well, things are wonderful here!
Star is now known as Pip, and we are having so much fun getting to know her.

Richard is completely smitten.

Soso and Pip are slowly getting acquainted (it started with him hissing at her bedroom door on day one, to the two of them playing with each other under the door, and now they are looking at and engaging with each other through a baby gate, quite the progress for only three days!
We're taking it slow, but they are clearly interested in each other, so we know they will be friends.).

Here are a few photos of her for your enjoyment! She's quite the little supermodel if I do say so myself.

Kelsie .

Remember Natasha? We've Just Had An Update On Her:

Natasha was adopted in late April!
Her name is now Zoey!
She loves her forever home and is very playful!
She’s even made friends with the family dog, a golden retriever.
Zoey loves to play with a ball on a string, or bat at the dog’s tail!
She’s very curious and climbs and explores everywhere in the house.
Her favourite place to take in the sites is the front window .
She’s not overly cuddly but does love a firm , long pet down her back from the three young boys in her home.

Here's Another Update From Everleigh's Family:

Here she is, well settled in, and feeling like the Princess that she is.
She will only sleep on my bed now, of course, on our pillows.
She sleeps through the night almost at my face.
She loves soft fluffy pillows!

For the first time in almost 3 months of having her, we found her on the counter.....she is just too cute!

I had to snap these pictures of her checking everything out.

Now, as a good mother, I must remember to put all food off the counter, ensure all dishes are in the dishwasher and nothing is in the sink and keep everything on the counter unplugged so she cannot hurt herself

We love her so much, she is definitely our little Princess.

I will continue to send pictures every so often to show how she is growing.
The vet says she is so healthy, she has gained great weight, so I have to watch how much I am feeding her. But all is great, hope everything is going well with Tabitha and school and the rest of the team!

Take care for now,


Remember Cleo and Indy?  Here's Another Update On Them:

Just thought I'd send you this pic of Cleo and Indy my family and I adopted a couple of years ago now (wow, how time flies)!
This is what happens literally every time I sit down at my desk to write. LOL

They have settled in so well.
I am at my desk again and they have both resumed their positions as in the photo! LOL
They love being at my desk with me; you can see Indy has his own mat on the desk he likes to lie on.
Sometimes Cleo goes under the desk and swipes at Indy's tail putting her paw up between the edge of the desk and the wall.
It is very funny but Indy gets annoyed.
He flicks his tail harder and that just makes Cleo swat it even more.
Cleo follows me everywhere like a puppy dog, and if not right with me, she is always in the same room as me.
If I have a blanket on me, sometimes she likes to burrow underneath and curl up for a nap.
Indy likes to sit on our laps and be cuddled.

We are so thrilled to have them as our furbabies.

Saxa Has Made Himself At Home:

I would like to let you know Saxa is settling in well.

The cats are all figuring it out still but he has been out and about not letting them get in his way to much.

He has been eating and drinking well as well.

Thanks again for choosing us he has been great so far. 

We've Just Heard From Nils and Demelza's Family:

Hi Pat and Candice,

Time flies.Now it's over one month since we had Nils and Demalza. I want to give you an update of them.

Both cats grow bigger and they settle very well. They are very playful and keep each other accompany.

Demelza is a sweet heart.
She is very smart and curious about everything I do. 
When you are free, she likes to be cuddled and purs loudly.
It's so heart-melting when she puts her head against your chest.
All you want is to love her back equally.

Nils is a real gentleman. His eyes are always calm and gentle and make you feel the world is beautiful and peace.
He greets me when I come home. He follows you everywhere and listens to our talk,
He likes to curl up beside my daughter when she does her homework.
Nils also very talkative. When I go home. he can't wait to tell me the story of the day.

We are very blessed to have them and happy to give them a place called home.

Here are their recently pictures.


Here's An Update On Siri (Penelope) and Tyr (Finn):

Hi Jean,

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how grateful I am that you took the time to get to know me and that you believed we would make a wonderful family for Siri and Tyr, now known as Finn and Penelope. We are enjoying them so much and they are the sweetest and most hilarious kittens and I love having them around, it’s never a dull moment with them! They can go from chasing each other up the walls to a puddle of purring sweethearts in your lap!

Thank you again for helping us meet and fall in love with these sweet babies! I’ve attached some pictures if you’d like to see!

Thanks again!

Syn (Shadow) and Sofia (Chanel) Are Settling in Nicely!!

Hi Ladies,

Thank you so much.
Carson, Teagan and I are over the moon excited.

I think even Pumpkin is as she is laying outside the door where we have the kittens and is purring :-)

Both seem to be adapting wonderfully so far.
I don't think Syn (Shadow as Carson has named her) has stopped purring since we got home and Sofia (Chanel as Teagan has named her) has snuggled up in Teagan's arms

have attached a few photos and I will continue to update you!

Thank you again for introducing us to our new family members I promise you they will be extremely well loved and cared for :-)

Hilary, Teagan & Carson xo

Here is the latest update and more pictures of Shadow and Chanel - May 13, 2019:

Just wanted to send a quick update on the two little ones and send a few more photos.
They are both adjusting to their new home extremely well and us them. 
We already love them so much.  

They are becoming best buddies and play constantly, have started to snuggle with each other, they are also eating and sleeping very well.

Leo Is Now Known As Elijah!!

Sneaking up on Maxie


Just another quick update for you.

I wanted to let you know that we have changed Leo's name to Elijah. 
He is an energetic and curious kitty, and is settling in quite well into our home. 

Within one day he had already figured out how to open doors (we have the lever-type door handles). 

He is working at building a relationship with our existing cat, although she is still quite resistant. 
Maxie is SLOWLY getting used to his presence, but Elijah is persistent in gently getting closer to her. 

Lounging with a Lynx.

I trust in time they will be friends... I don't know about good friends, but at least will tolerate each other. 
In the meantime we just ensure that they each have their own spaces to relax when needed.

Elijah already recognizes our son Leo as his primary caregiver and responds to his voice from another room, and snuggles with him regularly.

He is adjusting to our routines and his appetite is good.

Thanks again for matching us up!

Best regards,

Leo's Found His Forever Family!!


I just thought I would let you all know we got Leo home and snuggled into his new room.
He is very curious and has been exploring.
He squeaks at the laser pointer, and so far seems quite comfortable.

Thank you for allowing us to adopt our newest family member.

I will keep you updated.

Everleigh Has Made Herself Right At Home!!

She’s getting bigger, she thinks she owns the couch and loves the family, plays well and has settled in so nicely. 

Here attached is a picture of her doing her favourite, looking at the birds outside. 

my, has she grown!

Mauser's Loving His New Family!!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to update you all on Mauser's progress.
After the first couple days of lots of under the bed hiding, he is now happily hanging out with us on the couch and exploring the apartment!
We've been having lots of pats, cuddles, and brushing sessions, all accompanied by very loud purrs.
He does still like retreating to under the bed when he wants some alone time or for naps (I think honestly he just really likes the dark, he's very relaxed and happy under there, even wants us to pet him!), but happily comes out in half an hour for more brushes and cuddles!
He is adjusting so well, and he's even found a couple of toys that he likes to play with (his favourite so far is definitely the feather wand). I've attached some photos!

Best Wishes,

Mikaela and Aaron

It Hasn't Taken James Henry Long To Settle In!!

Good evening!!

I just wanted to give an update and sweet little James Henry (we now call him Henry). 

As I had mentioned, we had to put our other kitty down last week and my husband and I were beyond devested. 

We adopted Henry for a companion for our other kitty and ourselves. 
Little did we know, Henry would be the sweetest little kitty we have ever met. 
Henry has brought so much joy into our lives!! 
He's the true definition of a lap cat. 
He absolutely loves his cuddles and loves his wet food even more! 

Thanks to everyone for making this possible for us! 

Henry has truly changed our lives!!
I've attached some photos :)

Thank you again

Kurt and Sven's Mom Has Sent Us Some Pictures And An Update!!!

Hi there:

Everyone's doing great!

It's been over a month since I've adopted Kurt and Sven through Abbey Cats.

I was worried at first about the pair getting along with my dog. 

It took some time but everyone's getting along great! Kurt is still a little shy but he's breaking out of his shell a little more each day.
But for Sven it wasn't long before he was exploring and causing trouble.

They're the sweetest pair.
They love playing tag, wrestling and cuddling each other.

Each day I see their personalities and how silly and extremely sweet they are.

They're a perfect addition to our family.
Thank you so much to the wonderful people at Abbey cats for doing great work also thank you to the foster mom for taking great care of the cats.



Here's An Update On Tolstoy (Sirius) And Linus (Liebe)!!

Here's the update from your formerly tripod Tolstoy!
He has been here with us for almost 3 years, and it was honestly the best decision we've made!
He's still the timid cat we met, but he is very happy here.
He gets a lot of attention from us and sometimes like to wrestle with his younger brother.
He's now called Sirius.

Here's our second cat.
Liebe (formerly Linus), named for his loving nature, has given us a run of our money.
His mischievous spirit had gotten him in trouble several times, and we had to distract him with playing games or treats.
Otherwise, he's an amazing cat who happens to be easy-going.
Cuddling is our favourite daily ritual! He gets along with Sirius very well.

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