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Update on Perkins & Clarence

Hello Jill, I'm not sure if you are still with Abbey Cat Rescue but wanted to let you know that Perkins and Clarence, bonded brothers that were adopted on July 13, 2016 are doing well. Their names are Prince and Bowie. They are now 8 years old and living quite the life. Thank you for providing the opportunity to bring these boys to live with us...they bring us joy every day.
Fran and Timmie

Update on Livorno & Dell

I just wanted to share some pictures with you of Tintin (formerly Livorno) and Monty (formerly Dell). They have settled in nicely and are slowly learning to fit in with our two resident cats. It's such a joy watching them play!

Update on Beatrix & Pip

The Kitty's are doing very well. We were amazed at how quickly they became comfortable in their new home. We mulled over a few names and decided to keep them the same, Beatrix and Pip.

Update on Angus & O'Malley

The boys are settling in and excited to check out their new toys!

Update on Midi

Midi is doing great! He’s made himself at home. It took a few days for him to settle in and get used to his new home but it’s his house now just as much as mine. I couldn’t be happier either. I missed having a cat around but I didn’t realize how much I missed having a cat until he came here. He usually sleeps in bed with me at the beginning of the night and then in the chair next to my bed for the rest of the night. He’s very relaxed and easy going just as you said and loves to be pet and have my full attention ha ha ha. And you can absolutely post those pictures as a success story if you’d like. Here are a few others if you want to use as well if you like. Thanks again for fostering him and to everyone at Abbey Cat Adoptions for everything you guys do! Shawn

Update from Sam (Eugene)

Hi everyone,

All is going well. Eugene (formerly Sam) is the world's friendliest cat. No problems with settling in, litter boxes, vet visit, or meeting Mids (Midnight). They have been acting like they have always known each other; it's fantastic.

It's also a great reminder to me that it's *so* worth adopting a mature/older cat. Everyone wants the kittens, but there's way less uncertainty with a mature cat. Their personalities are established and easy to see, and they are so much fun. Mids is 10 and Eugene is 5, and they are both full of beans and so lovely.

Thank you for all your great work in taking care of these cats who need a home- a special thanks to Yulia for taking good care of Eugene until we could pick him up!

Here are a few photos for your enjoyment.

Take care and stay safe,



News from Zazu (Kody)

Hi my friends,

it’s me, Kody boy. I am doing very well and a I love my new home and my people, and am getting used to the other felines and canine in my house. I love lying across Mama’s neck when she is sleeping, then she gently moves me over and then I sleep by her shoulder. I love her very much. She loves me and tells me so, every 15 minutes, all day. Mama just retired last week, and now she is home with me all day, every day! My vet tells me that I am actually between 3-5 years old. So now that I am older, can I boss my brother and sisters? Hmmm...I also have a very slight allergy to chicken, so I scratched, but mama has switched my diet and I am not itchy anymore.

Here are some pictures. My family says I am soooo beautiful!! There is also a picture of Logan and Aria who I play with, but Aria hisses too much. I am in the last two pictures...

Love you all, and thank you all for saving me so that I can have the most loving family in the whole world.



Update on Chima (Molly)

Hi All,

Chima (now Molly) is very happy ruling the roost in her new home with Jason, Kate and Mumford. Mumford and Molly play on the cat tree together, taking turns at the top. The bathroom is also a favourite hang out before nap time or tv time together on the couch.

We are so happy for all of them.




An update on Franny!

We just got a new picture of Franny enjoying her new home.



Roxy and Phantom

Hi All,

I am attaching a picture of Roxy (Hildy) and Phantom (Chip). It is hard to get both of them together in the same picture as they are always moving around.

There was a rabbit in the backyard which took their attention so I was able to get this shot. I hope the picture comes through okay. The two of them are the best of friends and get along amazingly well. They are such good, loving kittens (almost cats) and we love having them.

Thank you for helping us to adopt them.




Family Update for Lumi & Brillo!

Hello to everyone at Abbey Cats,

Writing to you to give you the happy family update for Lumi/Brillo (now Luna) and her brother Cardinal/Mohawk (now Picasso).

These siblings have come into our home and family without missing a beat and are happy and healthy. 

They are so well adjusted, we think, because they received such a good start with their cat mum and foster family. Thanks for that! They are playful and loving and cuddly and bring us joy every day. The kids are happy to care for and entertain them and patiently remove them from tables, plants, and wire-chewing activities about 1000 times a day. 

Here are some pics of them for you to share. We hope all are well - especially the kitten's mum and brother. 



All the best, 

Monica and family



Balthazar And Melchior Are Settling In!!

Hi All

It took a couple of days, but the boys are now racing around their room.

They have met the other cats, but so far it is only Ivy who has shown an active continuing interest in their presence and who seems not to intimidate Balthazar who is indeed a very skittish little man.

Melchior by contrast is 
rather unflappable - cool as a proverbial cucumber.
(Riley at least is no longer terrified by new kittens as he has been in the past).
We'll be letting them explore a bit more of the house soon while we supervise.

Thanks again!

Leon and Nina

Here's An Update On Dolce!!

Just wanted to update you! We decided to name her "Camber" she is doing great!
She has her own space in her large dog kennel set up for her in my room.
Doesn't mind the other animals at all!
I let her wanted my room this evening and she seems to be settling in quite well.
Eating and drinking great!

Here's a few photos.

Thanks for this sweet little girl!

Happy New Year From Flortine!!!
Hello Abbey cats and happy new year!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for connecting me with what's been the best addition to my year.

I adopted Mhysa (previously Flortine) on Valentine's Day 2019 and she's been nothing short of loving, affectionate and the sweetest friend. She's made the bad days so much better.

When I first adopted Mhysa she hid for 4 days under my couch. She would only come out at 5 in the morning (very discreetly) or when I was away. She was unbelievably skittish.
but then after two weeks she got used to me and that's where her personality became very apparent  mhysa is quiet, gentle and loving. She follows me around to every room and loves being pet. At first you couldn't pick her up or clip her nails but now the instant I go to lift her she starts purring and rubbing her head. She's chatty but her meow is adorable it's high pitched and sounds like a kitten.

She has also showed 0 aggression to me and friends, rather put a hand near her and 100% of the time she will start licking you. Mhysa is honestly the cutest ball of cotton who loves to play with the laser pointer or the wand or her fav is the pompoms with aluminum foil.

Everytime I go home I am welcomed by a happy kitty chirping and brushing against my leg. She is so much to me. Thank you ❤




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In order to speed up the adoption process, please complete an online application as well as calling the phone line 416 284 2140
Leave a detailed voice message with the name of the cat you are interested in adopting, along with details of your current pet owning situation and previous history.

Please leave a daytime and evening phone number along with your email address and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

Need help finding the perfect fit for your family?

All of the cats under Abbey Cats care are in foster homes, where they receive one on one attention in a home environment.

Our adoption counsellors are familiar with each cat's unique needs and personalities
- please give us a call and we will be happy to help you find your match!

** Please note, due to the nature of our organization we are constantly rescuing new animals.
If there is a specific breed / age / gender that you are looking for, we encourage you to keep checking back.

Once a cat is ready for adoption, they will be posted on the website - we do not have waiting lists. **