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Note:  this is a mailing address only – it is not a shelter.
Our foster homes and cats / kittens are located all over GTA



Abbey Cat Adoptions is participating in #GivingTuesday this December 3, 2019!
Join millions of Canadians and give back to the causes close to your heart!

We are an entirely volunteer run charity that relies on the generosity of animal lovers who believe that every cat has the right to a safe, loving and permanent home!
100% of donations goes to helping the animals in our care.
There is no amount too small to make a big difference!

In order for us to save more lives and find loving homes for the cats and kittens who come to us we are asking you to open your hearts and your wallets to either become a foster parent or donate what you can during this season of giving.

Thanks to your help last year, we were able to help many more cats and kittens!

Below are just a few of the stories of the cats and kittens we were able to help this year because of the generosity of supporters like you!


Meet Star - our tiny bundle of spunk, happiness and indomitable spirit. Many pets like Star who are dropped off at the animal shelter are euthanized because of their disability, but lucky Star met a soft heart who reached out to Abbey Cats and saved her life. Now it’s time for Star’s life to begin.

Star was born with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), a type of congenital brain damage that can result from viruses or toxins or even malnutrition during the mother’s pregnancy. Little Star is physically perfect, and she is smart and loving and playful like all kittens. Star doesn’t know she is disabled, and like all rescue cats she is looking for a loving home where she can live out her life safe and secure and loved. Do you have room in your heart for a special needs kitten? Are you the one to give Star the home she craves, the family to love her and keep her safe from harm?

Star is still very young and we’re not sure yet how much her disability affects her. She won’t grow out of it, but she’ll learn how to deal with some of it and learn what she can and cannot do. Star’s ataxia means she doesn’t know where her feet are; her walk is unsteady, with her back legs splayed out, and she falls over often. She needs to use her claws more than most cats - carpet and fabric are her allies. She’s already using the litter box, but kitties like Star may have difficulties and need special accommodation. Star’s brave little heart is ready to take on the world.
Those of us who love her, however, have to protect her from stairs and bannisters, clean her little face when she bobbles into her food bowl and make her living space free of hazards. In a home that cares for her and protects her from harm, the type of home all kittens deserve, Star will live out a long healthy life and reward her humans with the fullness of her sweet little heart.  

Fortunately there are online communities of families of CH cats available with support and advice, and your veterinarian will help you with her medical care. Star needs a home with an experienced cat owner, someone who has lived with special needs cats and has the time to devote to Star’s care. The reward isn’t Abbey Cat’s waived adoption fee - the reward is life with the tiny beacon of light, hope and love that is Star.


Life is hard.
We at Abbey Cats hear over and over the tragic stories our cats carry with them.
But most of these cats have had, somewhere in their past, a human and it’s important to remember that life can be hard for them too.

Little Biba is pretty and gentle and quiet. Looking at her face, her carefully groomed coat and her bright, intelligent eyes you would never guess the years of hope and abandonment that went before. Biba’s owner should never have had a cat. But maybe Biba is the only one who loved her, maybe cuddling with Biba was her best de-stressor in a chaotic life. When it all got too much, when she lost her home or her freedom or the basic amount of money they both needed to eat, she dropped Biba off at the animal shelter. Over and over. When things got marginally better she came back for Biba, but they both knew it was going to happen again. Finally Biba arrived at the right shelter and the caring and perceptive staff asked the owner to surrender her, so that Biba could have a chance at a life that owner could never give her.

Cats have a long memory. Biba will never forget those grim trips to the shelter, but she remembers the love in between. Little surprise Biba likes all humans and doesn’t like other cats. Gradually in a new, stable and loving home Biba will realize she’s there to stay, that pets are for life and that both pets and their humans benefit enormously from our relationships.

River is a 3 year old neutered male who, through no fault of his own, is looking for a new home.
River is a healthy, normal cat. Some would say River is pretty typical in all things cat.
He loves to play. He loves his ball. He loves treats. He loves being with his humans. He loves to cuddle, snuggle, canoodle. He loves belly rubs and ear scratches. He purrs like a fiend. He sleeps like there’s no tomorrow. He can go floppy like a pyjama bag. 
He’s sort of like a cat stereotype.

Unfortunately for River, he has one other cat stereotype - he hates dogs. He hates the look of dogs, the smell of dogs, the sounds of dogs, the way dogs walk, the way dogs look at him, the sheer dogginess of dogs.

And he’s afraid of dogs. He’s so scared he hides in the basement. This is a problem because River lives with two dogs. His humans have to separate them, and that leaves him alone and miserable most of the time. When the dogs go out for their walks, he comes out and enjoys his time with the humans and the other cat. But mostly he hides in the basement. He wants his humans to know he’s unhappy so he pees where he knows he shouldn’t. His vet says he’s not ill, just stressed.

No one knows why River is so scared of dogs, since he’s lived in this home since he was a baby. But his humans love him and want him to be happy, so they’re giving him up. River is fine with other cats; we don’t know how he is with kids. He needs a quiet home with - you guessed it - no dogs.


Angelina, a stunning flame-point Persian cross, was picked up from the streets by Animal Services filthy, starving and desperate. Looking at this 2 year old beauty, they thought the anxious family would be on their doorstep within hours, happy to take Angelina home. But no one came.

We can only speculate how Angelina arrived on the mean streets, and why no one is looking for her. Was she an “outdoor cat” sentenced to make her way through the countless dangers of cars and coyotes and losing her way home? Was she a breeder, enduring pregnancy after pregnancy and then dumped when she became ill? Or cruelly, was she a loved house cat discarded in the local park when the vet bills started to appear?

Angelina, wasn’t just starving, she was ill. The animal shelter soon found the problem: IBD, an inflammatory bowel condition fairly common in people too. Now on anti- inflammatory medication, antacids and a gentle gastric diet, Angelina is thriving. She is eating with gusto and is gaining weight and grooming her beautiful coat again.

Angelina is sweet and loving and trusting. She has been through more in her two short years than we will ever know. That’s all in the past for this little girl who has been treated like a movie star at the shelter, and who gives purrs and kisses instead of autographs for everyone who stops to admire her. Angelina is looking for a hero, someone who can give her a home where she is safe and loved and healthy for the rest of her days.