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Mandarin & Swirl


My name is Mandarin. I am an orange kitten with a white belly. I am 12 weeks old and live with my foster parents and my sister, Swirl. My sister and I came from a home of many cats north of the city. I am a VERY playful kitten…I mean it…VERY playful kitten. I love playing tussling with my sister Swirl.

Our days are filled with wrestling matches, culminating in shared midday naps that I find utterly endearing. I love having my ears scratched and my belly rubbed by my foster mom. I am very cuddly, and I rub against everything and anyone. I have a lot of personality. I follow my foster mom everywhere she goes, and I jump on her shoulders and sit on her like a scarf. I rub my head against hers and can stay around her neck while she does the dishes or makes dinner. I want to be as close to her as possible. I really love it when my foster mom lets me nuzzle into her arms. She says that I am one of the smartest kitties she has ever had. My foster mom calls me “noddle” because I like going down the stairs like a slinky. My foster mom loves me so much… Because I’m so unique. I love being picked up and held in her arms. The closer I am to her face, the happier I am.

I play with my toys like a good kitten should; I don’t push my siblings and share the breakfast and dinner bowls, and I go to bed when my foster mom tells us to. I need a scratching box and hiding places for me to take a nap in. I love nice tall cat trees for me to climb and play on with my sister Swirl. I need a lot of space to explore and keep me mentally engaged because I am a very curious and active kitty. I have been compared to a Border Collie puppy: very smart, lots of energy, very playful and extremely curious. I am brave and not shy at all. My foster mom has four stepkids who come over every weekend, so I know I’m good with kids as young as 9. There are two adult cats in the house as well. I am comfortable with adult cats and love cuddling with them.

Currently, my foster mom lets me and my siblings occupy the entire upper level of their home, a very spacious realm. We have cat trees, scratching boxes, and so many hiding places for me to nap in. I hope you can provide me with the same environment when you adopt me. I am a smart girl who knows how to use the litter box and enjoy mealtime with moist food. My foster mom has accustomed my siblings and me to the vacuum, so I am not afraid of its noise (and actually like playing with it).
I hope you consider adopting me into your family, where I will bring with me not only vibrant spirits but also a penchant for joyous frolics and boundless charm. I have to be adopted with my sister Swirl, who I love so much and am constantly by her side. I hope together, we can create a haven adorned with love and companionship.

Oh, one more thing… I have come to learn about showers and running water. I jumped into the shower with my foster mom this week. I think I really like the water now!

Please bear in mind that it is against Abbey Cat policy to adopt a single kitten under the age of 6 months to a home without a kitten of similar age for company.

Mandarin & Swirl

Additional Info

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Kitten
  • DOB: Oct 04, 2023
  • Colour: Orange tabby & white
  • Breed: Domestic S Hair
  • Special Notes: MUST be adopted with Swirl
  • Spay/Neuter: Spay appt has been booked
  • Special Needs: No
  • Microchipped: No
  • Vaccinated: No
  • Good with Kids: Yes
  • Good with Dogs: Probably OK with respectful dogs
  • Good with Cats: Yes
  • Adoption Date: March 8, 2024
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